Orthodox Mission of Madagascar: Orphanage construction nears practical completion for the ground and first floors…

Orthodox Mission of Madagascar's photo.

Good news. Orphanage construction nears practical completion for the ground and first floors. May God bless all those who contributed financially or otherwise. The Patriarch and other dignitaries will be present for the official opening of the Orphanage in late May or early June and for the consecration of the nearby Church which is dedicated to the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple of Jerusalem.

Orthodox Mission of Madagascar's photo.

Orthodox church in Madagascar

On the Orphanage project from missionary Matina Kouvoussis (March, 2015):

«Orphanage – A Noble Cause
Our experience and observations in Madagascar have shown that children in this country are severely marginalised due to poverty. Statistics show that over 60% of the children do not attend school and child labour is still a common phenomenon even today.
Young girls have a higher susceptibility of not receiving an education, as they are forced to marry at a young age. More often than not they are then neglected by their partner and are left to rear their children alone, engaging in hard manual labour to earn a living.

Unfortunately, young girls that are orphaned or that come from problematic families see no future for themselves and become victims of child exploitation.
Our conscience and Christian responsibility does not allow us to ignore this tremendous social problem that surrounds us. It is for this reason that we were motivated to build an orphanage/hostel for girls.

The aim of this project is to raise and protect parentless children, or children that come from problematic families in a safe, Christian environment – providing them holistic care both on a material and spiritual/psychological level, and to offer them an education that is due to every child despite their race, colour or creed.»


Orthodox Christian Church in Mauritius


Orthodox Church in Mauritius



Holy Archiocese of Madagascar

Tel: (261) 202 263 205

Fax: (261) 202 224 000

Mobile: (261) 320 266 890

Email: orthodoxia@freedsl.mg, orthodoxmadagaskar@gmail.com

Parish Priest Father Polykarpos Diamantopoulos

Mobile: (230) 5761 7201 (available only during his visit to Mauritius)

Tel: (261) 3 2642 3612, (261) 3 3633 1948 (In Madagascar)

Email: ipolykarpos@gmail.com

Parish Priest Father Athanasios

Mobile: (230) 5733 3253

For general information, please contact

Mr. Alexander Szava

Tel: (230) 233 1852

Email: araratalex@fastmail.fm



Communauté orthodoxe à l’île de la Réunion


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2 Responses to Orthodox Mission of Madagascar: Orphanage construction nears practical completion for the ground and first floors…

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