An urgent appeal to Orthodox Christians living in the US and Canada.Επείγουσα έκκληση προς τους Ορθόδοξους Χριστιανούς που ζουν στις ΗΠΑ και στον Καναδά.

Επείγουσα έκκληση προς τους Ορθόδοξους Χριστιανούς που ζουν στις ΗΠΑ και στον Καναδά.Exhortant les chrétiens orthodoxes vivant aux États-Unis et au Canada.Instar a los cristianos ortodoxos que viven en los EE.UU. y Canadá.

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) is currently seeking 20+ volunteers to fill two teams that will be offering youth retreats in Alaska this July. Ζητούνται 20 εθελοντές από τις ΗΠΑ για δύο ιεραποστολικές ομάδες στην Αλάσκα. Πιστεύουμε ότι ανάμεσα στα εκατομμύρια Ορθοδόξων Χριστιανών της Αμερικής θα βρεθούν οι 20 εθελοντές  για την ορθόδοξη ιεραποστολή στην Αλάσκα.

OCMC News - Alaska Calling! Volunteers Needed for Two OCMC Mission Teams in July

Volunteers are needed for two teams that will serve in Alaska in July by participating in youth conference for Alaskan youth that will teach them the Orthodoxy and equip and encourage them to live the Faith. Apply today!

20+ Volunteers Immediately Needed for Youth Retreat Teams Serving in Alaska this July!

These teams are vital as the Church strives to teach Alaskan youth about the Faith and to help them live it in their daily lives.

The cost to participate on the team serving from July 6th to the 13th is $1,320 plus airfare.

Participation cost for the July 22nd to 30th team is $1,530 plus airfare.For more information, or to apply, visit, e-mail, or call Pres. Renee Ritsi at 1-877-463-6784 ext. 141.

In Alaska, the indigenous Yup’ik people have traditionally identified themselves as Orthodox Christian for the past 200 years. Preservation of this important aspect of their culture will be in the hands of the youth who need to learn about the Faith and connect with the Church. The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) has been asked by His Grace Bishop David to send two short-term mission teams to participate in youth camps in the Kuskokwim and Yukon Deaneries.

The first of these teams will serve from July 6th to July 13th. The next team will serve from July 22nd to July 30th. Each team currently only has one volunteer! There is room for 10 more volunteers on each team and your service is greatly needed! As a volunteer you will teach a deeper appreciation of Orthodoxy while challenging young people to live in the fullness of the Faith. Youth workers, church school teachers, and camp counselors are encouraged to apply!

This is a tremendous opportunity for fellowship with our Alaskan brothers and sisters in Christ. The Church faces many challenges as she continues to maintain an Orthodox witness and proclaim Christ while equipping a new generation of future believers and leaders to know and live their faith. Your help is needed!

Wanted 20 volunteers from the US for two missionary groups in Alaska. We believe that among the millions of Orthodox Christians in America will find the 20 volunteers for the Orthodox mission in Alaska.

Recherché 20 volontaires des États-Unis pour les deux groupes de missionnaires en Alaska. Nous pensons que parmi les millions de chrétiens orthodoxes en Amérique trouveront les 20 volontaires pour la mission orthodoxe en Alaska.

Se busca 20 voluntarios de los EE.UU. para los dos grupos misioneros en Alaska. Creemos que entre los millones de cristianos ortodoxos en América se encuentran los 20 voluntarios para la misión ortodoxa en Alaska.

Требуются 20 добровольцев из США в течение двух миссионерских групп на Аляске. Мы считаем, что среди миллионов православных христиан в Америке найдете 20 добровольцев для православной миссии на Аляске.

Dorit 20 de voluntari din SUA pentru două grupuri misionare din Alaska. Noi credem că, printre milioanele de creștini ortodocși din America vor găsi 20 de voluntari pentru misiunea ortodoxă în Alaska.

Потрібні 20 добровольців із США протягом двох місіонерських груп на Алясці. Ми вважаємо, що серед мільйонів православних християн в Америці знайдете 20 добровольців для православної місії на Алясці.

გვესაჭიროება 20 მოხალისეები აშშ-დან ორ მისიონერული ჯგუფების Alaska. ჩვენ გვჯერა, რომ მათ შორის მილიონობით მართლმადიდებელი ქრისტიანები ამერიკაში ნახავთ 20 მოხალისეები მართლმადიდებელი მისიის Alaska.

Вантед 20 волонтера из САД за две мисионарске групе на Аљасци. Верујемо да међу милиона православних хришћана у Америци најдете 20 волонтера за православне мисије на Аљасци.

Wanted 20 доброволци от САЩ в продължение на две мисионерски групи в Аляска. Ние вярваме, че сред милионите православни християни в Америка ще намерите 20 доброволци за мисията Православната в Аляска.

Find an Orthodox Church in Alaska.Discover Ancient Christian Faith in Alaska.

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