Grow Missions Awareness in Your Parish in the USA – Host an OCMC Missionary Family Home on Summer Furlough!

Ορθόδοξες οικογένειες από την Αμερική που διακονούν την Ορθόδοξη ιεραποστολή σε διάφορες χώρες, με την οικονομική στήριξη των ορθόδοξων ενοριών της Αμερικής. Πράγματα  σχεδόν άγνωστα στην Ελλάδα, τη Κύπρο και τις άλλες Ορθόδοξες χώρες …

OCMC News - Grow Missions Awareness in Your Parish - Host an OCMC Missionary Family Home on Summer Furlough!

Dn. Stephanos Ritsi and Dr. Jeffrey Macdonald will be returning with their families this Summer for furlough as will Fr. David and Mat. Rozanne Rucker. Please consider welcoming one or all of these families to your parish to learn more about the ministry work you have helped make possible in Albania and Alaska through your prayers and support.

After very fruitful first terms in the mission field, several OCMC Missionary families are returning home for brief furloughs to share their experiences, visit supporters, and to invite more Orthodox Christians from across the country to join them in missionary service by offering their prayers and support. Prayerfully consider inviting them to share their missionary journey with your local parish family. Hosting a missionary family is a great way to grow missions awareness and involvement within your community.

Fr. David and Mat. Rozanne Rucker have recently returned from their first assignment in Alaska, where they taught five classes for the Pascha term and also provided pastoral care and counseling for the students at St. Herman Seminary and for clergy in Alaska, at the request of His Grace Bishop David. Before their expected return to Alaska in mid-August for the upcoming semester at St. Herman’s, the Ruckers hope to visit as many parishes as possible in the lower 48 to share the incredible opportunities in missions they are a part of in Alaska. Please contact them directly by e-mail at or by phone at (904) 599-5812 if you are able to welcome them.

Following a very busy first couple of years in Albania, where they taught at Holy Resurrection Seminary in Durres, Dr. Jeffrey and Caryn Macdonald and family will be back in the United States from mid-June to mid-September. The training and formation of future clergy and lay leaders is vital to the continued growth of the Church in Albania, as is the local witness of every parish. The Macdonald family has been blessed to live, work, worship, learn, and even play in the Shen Vlash community, faithfully growing in supportive relationships with seminary faculty, students, and parish families. Help them continue this vital assignment by welcoming them along their furlough journey. Contact the Macdonalds at or via Skype 512-7539-0791, or visit their web page for the most current schedule.

Later this summer, Dn. Stephanos and Dk. Alexandria Ritsi will also be returning from Albania with their newborn son, Moses. In addition to growing their family, the Ritsi’s have been helping to grow the Church family by ministering to Albanian youth, leading study and fellowship groups, serving as official photographers, and helping the Church in any way blessed by His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios. Contact them at or (904) 417-7235 to learn more about their furlough schedule and how you can take a more active part in their mission.

Learn more about each of these missionary families on furlough and support them by visiting their pages on the OCMC web site at:

Thank you for keeping these missionary families in service by your prayers and support that directly help them continue to answer the call to serve in the Lord’s vineyard.

An urgent appeal to Orthodox Christians living in the US and Canada.Επείγουσα έκκληση προς τους Ορθόδοξους Χριστιανούς που ζουν στις ΗΠΑ και στον Καναδά.

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