LAYING ORTHODOX CHURCH FOUNDATION IN RWANDA. Θεμελίωση ορθόδοξης εκκλησίας στη Ρουάντα.

Through the blessings of His Beatitude Orthodox Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Theodoros II; last month, His Grace Innocentios, the Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda laid foundation in 2 new areas from the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

Innocentios Byakatonda's photo.

Kaziba church will be dedicated to St. Dimitrios, St. George and St. John Baptist respectively. Rwabutazi church will be dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Our humble request for everyone is to pray for us, so that we will be able to start and complete the construction of these new Churches.

Thank you,
In His Service,
Bishop Innocentios of the Diocese Burundi and Rwanda


His Grace Innocentios, the Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda made a pastoral visit to the Orthodox youth’s projects supported by the Diocese. Within little time, Orthodox youths from new communities of Rwanda have organized small managerial activities for generating income. “These kinds of small projects will enable us to eradicate poverty, and reduce unemployment rate, and finally we will reach the development we need”: Said by the Youths. The Bishop encouraged them for their good initiatives and promised them possible and continuous support.

In His Service,

His Grace Innocentios, the Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda


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