«Update and appeal», Support Hogar Rafael Ayau,a home for abandoned and abused children in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

September, 2013.

Feast of the Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross.

Amatitlán, Guatemala.

    Our dear friends, friends of the nuns and of the children whom God has placed under our care, greetings from Guatemala.

         Now that we have moved into the new facility  «San Miguel del Lago» (Saint Michael by the Lake) at the Monastery since a month ago, I come to thank you for your generous help for over a thousand little-ones God had placed under our care and lived at Hogar Rafael Ayau (downtown). Year after year since 1996, we have been giving all our donors an annual audit of the accounts and reported on the many children we had under our roof. It has been an enormous challenge and source of indescribable blessings and joys.                

      Because of you, we have been able to give daily meals to the children, provide education from Kindergarten to College and pay the bills. «It takes a village to raise a child».

Hogar Rafael Ayau,2013

         The new facility «San Miguel del Lago» would not have been built without your generous financial support. It took us six years to finish the construction. We hope many of you can join us for the blessing on November 17. By then we will be well established. The change of location has been a breeze of fresh air and energizing beauty. We have now 43 children under our care of which 22  live in San Miguel del Lago, 14 boys live at the boarding school in Escuintla, and 7 in College with scholarships in Russia.

It is a big family to take care of and pay the bills. The numbers can grow or diminish according to circumstances so we always think of 50 children even if in the first years we have had up to 160 at once!

         Therefore I am appealing now for your help as missionaries and financial donors. We need your hands, so visit our website for the PROJECTS for missionaries, and we need your financial help. Each month we need $22,000.00 to be able to pay the bills. This current month we have in the bank $16,000. We count on you as always. You can send your donations to the FHRA as stated in the website.

         God Who knows our hearts will bless you here and there, where we expect to see you all one day.

         In His love and much gratitude, and looking forward to seeing as many of you on November 17,

Madre Inés, the nuns and children with me in Christ.


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We ask the Lord to continue blessing you every day!
We thank you for reading another month describing the activities at the Hogar.



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