OCMC Invites Families to Experience an Orthodox Mission Team

OCMC Invites Families to Experience an Orthodox Mission Team, Pres. Renee Ritsi

For the first time, OCMC is offering families the opportunity to participate together on Orthodox Mission Teams. Four 2010 OCMC Mission Teams are open to parents and youth who are prayerfully seeking exposure to the important work of making disciples.

Family Teams allow youth (13 and above) to travel with a parent to offer their time and talents as living witnesses to the Orthodox Christian Faith. If you want your teen to have an opportunity to serve others around the world and to be involved in missions, then consider joining a 2010 Orthodox Family Mission Team.

This year’s Family Team destinations are: Eklutna and Old Harbor, Alaska; Shen Vlash, Albania; and Cluj, Romania.

The Eklutna Team will travel to the oldest continuously inhabited Athabaskan Indian settlement to work on light general maintenance to the church of St. Nicholas (cutting shrubs, trimming grass, painting the cemetery, and fence and walkway repairs,) and by offering historic tours of the Church.

The Albania Team will assist in the daily activities and ministries of the Children’s Home of Hope in Albania.

The Romania Team will join ASCOR (the Student Association of Orthodox Christians in Romania) in offering a Youth Camp outside of Cluj to middle school-aged youth. The Team to Old Harbor will participate in the annual Family Camp offered to youth and adults on Sitkalidak Island. The theme of the camp will be “Christ in the Eucharist, Truly a Subsistence Food.”

All of the 2010 Family Teams have been carefully chosen to allow youth to develop relationships with their Orthodox peers and learn about new cultures. Languag e barriers melt and horizons are broadened as families put their faith into action and share their Orthodox faith.

An Orthodox Mission Team can be a life-changing experience. Family Teams are perfect if you have teens who love Christ and helping others and if your family is seeking spritual growth and a deeper understanding of the universality of the Orthodox faith. An OCMC Family Mission Team is a great way to begin a journey that will have a profound impact on your lives and the lives of others.

For more information or to apply for one of these Family Teams log on to http://teams.ocmc.org, or contact OCMC by phone at 1-877-GO-FORTH or by e-mail at teams@ocmc.org.

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