Catechetical lessons in the Orthodox Church of Zambia. ( Orthodox Christian Metropolis of Zambia )

Maphunziro a katekisimu mu Tchalitchi cha Orthodox waku Zambia. Μαθήματα Ορθόδοξης κατήχησης στη Ζάμπια.

13th March 2021 FRIDAY OF CHEESE FARE – Chirundu

With the blessings of Archbishop of Zambia Ioannis , today Friday on the week of Cheese – fare Catechetical lessons continued in Chirundu to prepare the community for Great Lent. Continue praying for us as we go into this period of repentance that the Lord our God to be with us.

Father Arsenios CHEESEFARE WEEK Cheesefare week, the last full week before Great Lent .This week, we read the readings and attend the services, to get-us ready for Great Lent.We fast all week, but in the most unique way of the entire year, fasting from meat only, with all other foods being allowed. We are fasting every day, but only “partially” and we even eat cheese and other milk products on days we normally would not throughout the year, such as Wednesday and Friday.We are using the Triodion in Vespers and Matins at all services, and its content definitely is Lenten in tone.On Wednesday and Friday, we do not celebrate the Divine Liturgy, just as in Great Lent we do not celebrate it on most weekdays. The readings on Wednesday and Friday are of a Lenten character; we do not read the usual Epistle and Gospel, but instead read from the Old Testament.

We follow the Lenten format of having a reading during the Sixth Hour and Vespers.Daily Vespers on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday begin in a “non-Lenten” way just as during the rest of the year, but the end of Vespers is ”Lenten” with the usual prayers with bows after the Aposticha, and the prayer of St Ephrem. Wednesday and Friday Vespers are Lenten in tone, with an Old Testament Reading, and the prayer of St Ephrem, but the ending is non-Lenten in tone. The quintessential prayer of Great Lent, the “Prayer of St Ephrem”, is said at every weekday Vespers beginning on Tuesday evening. Another aspect of the week that makes it seem more “Lenten” is the content of the Gospel readings. They are all concerning the day of the Lord’s passion. We will return to these readings during Holy week.

Faithful, let us receive with joy the divinely-inspired announcements of lent!

Let us prepare ourselves through fasting for the master’s communion in zion!

Let us wash ourselves with tears of purification;

Let us pray to behold the fulfillment of pascha, the true revelation!

Let us prepare ourselves to adore the cross and resurrection of Christ our God!

Do not deprive us of our expectation, Lover of mankind!

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Ενισχύστε τις Ορθόδοξες Ιεραποστολές σε όλο τον κόσμο αυτή τη δύσκολη περίοδο.

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