OCMC News – Support Orthodox Missionaries and Transform the Lives of Many this Thanksgiving!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Exhausted, but joyful. These are the feelings often felt by long-term missionaries.For OCMC Missionary Fr. John Chakos, Sundays often involve Divine Liturgy, multiple baptisms, confessions, and a wedding or two for good measure. He offers these sacraments to Orthodox Christian communities in the rural mountainous regions in northern Guatemala. Getting to these villages can take days.

Despite their tireless efforts, Fr. John and the other missionaries serving in Guatemala can’t come close to ministering to all the needs of the thousands of Orthodox Christians there. To meet this growing need, we hope to double the number of missionaries currently in the field. We need your help to answer this call. Please make a gift to the OCMC so we can train and equip more missionaries by the end of the year!

We are excited to share that your prayerful offering will go twice as far in getting these much-needed hands into the mission field! A generous donor has agreed to match gifts to the OCMC up to $46,500 by year’s end.

It costs more than $11,000 to train and equip one new missionary, but supporting one of their ministry projects can cost as little as $400. Gifts of all amounts are needed, and any amount will serve to transform the lives of many!

Please consider a donation of $75, $100, or more to the OCMC today and double it to $150, $200, or more!

Your donation will work toward sending missionaries into the mission field. Each missionary that you help the OCMC send will serve thousands of people as they share the Gospel, teach in schools and seminaries, offer counseling and healthcare, or minister to women and children.

Doing this work of the Holy Spirit strengthens all of the OCMC missionaries that serve around the world, but two words from the people they serve touch their hearts: “thank you!”

Without your support, missionaries couldn’t do the many remarkable things that they do. So, this Thanksgiving, on behalf of Orthodox missionaries around the world, THANK YOU! Please show your thanks for their sacrifice with a gift to the Mission Center.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Martin Ritsi
Executive Director

PS – Your gift today will be doubled! Please prayerfully consider supporting Orthodox missions and help double the number of Orthodox missionaries serving around the world this Thanksgiving. And, don’t forget, Novemeber 28th is Giving Tuesday. Give today and give on the 28th and see both gifts doubled!


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