New Program Launched: Orthodox Care Network of Alaska / Mission of St. Herman Seminary ( Orthodox Church in Alaska )

His Grace Bp. ALEXIS ( OCA ) has established the new Orthodox Care Network of Alaska (OCNA) ministry program. 

«The Orthodox Care Network of Alaska is an online based resource for both our clergy and our laity. I ask those who feel like they cannot provide themselves or their families with adequate healthy food, seasonally appropriate clothing, or children’s school supplies to reach out to the Orthodox Care Network of Alaska through their local parish Priest or Deacon in charge.

The Priest or Deacon in charge will communicate their need to the Diocese and their need will be placed on an Amazon gift registry where donors across the country will have the opportunity and the blessing to purchase the needed item to fulfill that need if the latter choose to do so. The item will then be shipped to their parishes.

You can read His Grace’s Ukaz here.

Those who would like to contribute to this ministry may do so on the Diocesan website

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St. Herman Orthodox Theological Seminary is a school of theology of the Orthodox Church in America permanently located within the Diocese of Sitka and Alaska, under the canonical jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America. Its primary purpose is to provide adequate education for clergy candidates, lay church leaders, and educators in the Diocese.

Ορθόδοξη ενορία στην Αλάσκα. Πάνω από 2 χρόνια χωρίς ιερέα. Οι ιερείς από το θεολογικό σεμινάριο του Αγίου Γερμανού ταξιδεύουν και εξυπηρετούν ορθόδοξες ενορίες, τελούν Θείες Λειτουργίες,, γάμους, εξομολόγηση, αγιασμούς κλπ

The program emphasizes particularly Orthodox theology, general education on the undergraduate level, and those particular skills (e.g., music, reading, etc.) that are necessary for Church work in the Diocese of Alaska.

Donations to the St. Hernan Seminary ( Orthodox Diocese of Alaska )

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