Zambia: St Nicholas parish cerebrated the memory of the Saints Virgin Martyr Theodora of Tyre and Titus the wonderworker

April 2nd 2022, Kapiri Boshi


With the blessing of Archbishop Ioannis of Zambia. St Nicholas parish cerebrated the memory of the Saints Virgin Martyr Theodora of Tyre and Titus the wonderworker.

Parishioners were encouraged to pray and have hope for the Resurrected Lord.

Father Arsenios

Virgin Martyr Theodora of Tyre

Saint Theodora came from Tyre in Phoenicia. When she was seventeen years of age, she was brought before Urban, the ruler of Palestine, who asked her if she really believed in Christ. With remarkable courage, the holy virgin confessed that she truly believed. Then they flayed her sides and her breasts. Afterward, they threw her into the sea, where she surrendered her soul to God, thereby receiving a martyr’s crown.

Saint Νikόdēmos of the Holy Mountain thought it very likely that this Saint is the same as Saint Theodosia (May 29), because their Lives are almost identity


Our Holy Father Titus the Wonderworker loved God from his youth and early on displayed zeal for the monastic life. He therefore pursued asceticism in the ninth century at the Studion Monastery near Constantinople. His humility and obedience exceeded not only that of the brethren of the Monastery, but of all the monastics of his time. By his deeds of fasting, purity of life and mild disposition, Titus gained the love of the brethren, and at their request he was ordained priest and abbot.

Fervent of faith, the Saint stood up for the Orthodox veneration of icons during the Iconoclast persecution. Because of his virtuous life, and the purity of his body and soul that he maintained from his youth, God granted him the gift of wonderworking. Saint Titus was translated to the Lord in his old age, after giving to his disciples and fellow ascetics an example of a virtuous and God-pleasing life.

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