Help complete the construction of the Nyeri ( Kenya ) Orthodox Diocese’s girls dormitory!

Βοηθήστε να ολοκληρωθεί η κατασκευή του κοιτώνα κοριτσιών της Ορθόδοξης Επισκοπής Νυέρι Κένυας. Ajutați la finalizarea construcției căminului de fete al Eparhiei Ortodoxe Nyeri din Kenya. Помозите да се заврши изградња спаваонице за девојке у кенијској епархији Ниери.

We had stopped for a while. It has never been an easy mission but the lord provides through His people. Thank you God’s people for helping us build our girl’s dormitory. Our girls deserve a good environment as they study. May St. Anthony the great intercede for us so that we make this place a city of God just as he made the desert a city of God.Don’t give up your support for us, it means a lot in our humble missions. God will reward you abundantly.

Here is our PayPal informationPAYPAL


Here is the link

PayPal. me/mtkenyadiocese

God bless you

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