5th Annual Youth Camp 2021 at St.Spyridon- Luguzi ( Uganda )

Happening now at the 5th Annual Youth Camp 2021 at St.Spyridon- Luguzi ( Uganda ).

Official opening day started by a Divine Liturgy and celebrated by Fr.Cosmas Kirinya,Fr. Fr. Christophoros and Deacon David.

( https://www.facebook.com/OCYNU )

Many thanks to the sponsors and Father Siluan Brown, Director  of the organization Orthodox Africa, for the financial support of the 5th Annual Youth Camp 2021 in Uganda. 

Please support the Camp via Orthodox Africa



A 3 days youth camp organized by OCYNU (Orthodox Christian Youth Network Uganda) is underway at St. Spyridon Orthodox Parish in Luguzi – Wakiso District. Keep them in your prayers and support their initiatives in all ways possible. Amen


Orthodox Africa is helping our sister organization Orthodox Christian Youth Network of Uganda to help raise funds to relieve our suffering Orthodox Christian family in Uganda during this COVID-19 pandemic that has had a severe effect on the nation. Please view the story and donate today!

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