Strengthening our Brothers and Sisters in Indonesia ( ) Orthodox Christian Mission Center – OCMC

«We thank you so much for the opportunity that you shared with us. The talks have really been beneficial for all of us,» reflected Fr. Chrysostomos of Indonesia. His communities make up part of Indonesia’s small Christian minority, and OCMC’s recent virtual teams to Medan, Indonesia helped teach, support, and encourage them.

The first team taught at a virtual parish retreat for the community of St. Demetri. The second team offered sessions on building Christian character for the students of the St. Paul Theological School, and for the teachers of Orthodox primary schools in Medan. Presbytera Elizabeth expressed her gratitude for the work of the team: «On behalf of all the participants of these OCMC Virtual Retreats, we are grateful for your efforts to help develop our Orthodox faith through your presentations.»

Fr. Chrysostomos and Presbytera Elizabeth have done incredible work building up the faithful in Medan, and through these virtual teams, participants were able to come together and help continue their work from halfway around the world.

OCMC has plans for both virtual and traditional outreach to Indonesia in the future, and has four missionaries preparing for long-term service there. Click here for upcoming mission team opportunities!

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