OCMC Impacts Lives of Priests and Parishioners in Nigeria & Fourteen Other Countries.

L’OCMC a un impact sur la vie des prêtres et des paroissiens au Nigeria et dans quatorze autres pays. OCMC beeinflusst das Leben von Priestern und Gemeindemitgliedern in Nigeria und vierzehn anderen Ländern. Authored By Niko Birbilis.

While OCMC was highlighting our Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) program in October, our Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi was able to visit many of the priests we support in Nigeria – letting them know that they are not alone! OCMC sponsored a seminar and clergy-laity conference for them – bolstering the work of local priests to continue making disciples of all nations.

Fr. Martin flew to Nigeria after attending the funeral of His Eminence Metropolitan JONAH of Uganda, where SAMP priests gathered from throughout the country to pray for the repose of their shepherd. He visited several parishes, worshipped with them, and was moved by their joyful and beautiful music. Fr. Martin also witnessed the passion the seminar attendees had for their ministries through the engaging questions they posed. Two of the senior priests, for example, Fr. Andrew and Fr. Charles, have opened 27 churches between them, working hard to train catechists to help minister to all of these communities. Your OCMC support ultimately impacts the faithful taught by these priests!

Thanks to you, this SAMP Month, we raised over $8,000 – far surpassing our goal of $6,000!

Thank you for your support of priests around the world…especially those in Nigeria. Your support allows us, and them, to continue sharing the love of Christ with the world.

( https://www.ocmc.org/ocmc-impacts-lives-priests-and-parishioners-nigeria-fourteen-other-countries?fbclid=IwAR0qeq0Lw-Viq1i975D24EPku9R8XFmJPKM5pbhG7gOMoTuP4zk4ZKb-gts )

Το OCMC επηρεάζει τις ζωές ιερέων και ενοριτών στη Νιγηρία και σε δεκατέσσερις άλλες χώρες.

( https://www.ocmc.org/serve-from-home/give )

Πηγή : Στον Ορθόδοξο Αμπελώνα της Αφρικής

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