Massive baptism in the Orthodox Diocese of Nyeri and Mt Kenya. Ομαδική βάπτιση στην Επισκοπή Νυέρι ( Κένυα )

There is no greater joy in our mission work When new people come to the Orthodox Church and get Baptized. Άνθρωποι κάθε ηλικίας έρχονται στην Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία. Άλλοι επιστρέφουν στην Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία… Αρκεί να υπάρχουν εκεί Ορθόδοξοι Ιεραπόστολοι … Οι εργάτες λίγοι… Οι δωρητές ( σε σχέση με τα εκατομμύρια Ορθοδόξων Χριστιανών ανά τον κόσμο ) ελάχιστοι …

We also received back to the church those who had gone to other churches when the church was swept by the flood. St. Athanasius Church is the church by the river we built in two days not long ago.

Continue praying for us and supporting our mission. God bless you all.

We thank you all for your support. You have blessed our ministries immensely. Without your support things could be very difficult for us. Thank you friends for blessing our girls with this beautiful dormitory. We are making good progress as you can see. We continue to ask for your support. As we always tell you, nothing is small. Keep helping it is not in vain.

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PayPal. me/mtkenyadiocese

God bless you !

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2 Responses to Massive baptism in the Orthodox Diocese of Nyeri and Mt Kenya. Ομαδική βάπτιση στην Επισκοπή Νυέρι ( Κένυα )

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