News from the Orthodox Church in Rwanda. Ιεραποστολικά νέα από την Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία της Ρουάντας.

Με τη βοήθεια του Θεού, συνεχίζονται τα έργα στην Ορθόδοξη Εκκλησία της Ρουάντας. Οι Ορθόδοξες ιεραποστολές ζητούν τις προσευχές σας και την οικονομική σας στήριξη ! Nachrichten aus der orthodoxen Kirche in Ruanda ! Nouvelles de l’Église orthodoxe au Rwanda ! Nieuws van de orthodoxe kerk in Rwanda !Habari kutoka kwa Kanisa la Orthodox nchini Rwanda !

Orthodox Christians in Rwanda

Today his Eminence the Archibishop Innocentios Byakatonda ,the Archibishop of the Orthodox in Holy Metropolis of Burundi and Rwanda ,he traveled to Saint Catherine Gishari in Umunini Village.

New baptism Font in the Orthodox Church of Rwanda

He was accompanied by Archimandrite Nectarios and Novice Michaela to go to bless the New Baptism Font that was build by Archimandrite Nectarios and Novice Michaela with their friends. As soon as the Government will open the Churches , he is calling those who want to baptize the new Catechumens to send their list in his office at Rwamagana.»


His Eminence the Archibishop Innocentios Byakatonda of the Orthodox Church the Holy Metropolis of Burundi and Rwanda after the operation of eyes by your prayers, he was given the Permission of visiting the Church in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

He was accompanied by Archimandrite Nectarios,Novice Michaela and the General Secretary. He met Father Panagiotis of Rwabutazi Parish where there is a project of Supplying water in this Area. It was also the occasion of meeting with some Faithful from Gashongora Parish thereafter he went to Kaziba Parish where he met the Faithful from this Parish and they discussed how they can utilise the Land of this Parish.

Orthodox Church ( Rwanda )

To conclude his Pastoral Visit he went to Twelve Apostles Rwamagana where they want to build the Headquarters of the Orthodox Church, please keep this project in your Prayers. The Archibishop would like to thank Archimandrite Nectarios and Novice Michaela for their missionary work that they are doing in Rwanda


Σας παρακαλούμε να συνεχίσετε να στηρίζετε με τις προσευχές σας και την οικονομική σας βοήθεια τις Ορθόδοξες ιεραποστολές σε όλο το κόσμο, από το περίσσευμα ή το υστέρημα της καρδιάς σας !

All day and all night prayers, to the Jesus Lord the Savior to stop the pandemic of Covid19 Worlwide ! Prières toute la journée et toute la nuit au Seigneur Jésus-Sauveur pour arrêter la pandémie de Covid19 dans le monde!

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