Support the construction of a school and dormitory in the Diocese of Nyeri and Mount Kenya through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center in America.

Υποστηρίξτε οικονομικά την κατασκευή σχολείου και κοιτώνα στην Ορθόδοξη Επισκοπή Νυέρι και όρους Κένυα μέσω του Ορθόδοξου Χριστιανικού ιεραποστολικού κέντρου στην Αμερική. Soutenez la construction d’une école et d’un dortoir dans le diocèse orthodoxe de Nyeri et du mont Kenya par le biais du Centre de mission chrétienne orthodoxe en Amérique. Apoyar la construcción de una escuela y un dormitorio en la Diócesis Ortodoxa de Nyeri y el Monte Kenia a través del Centro de Misión Cristiana Ortodoxa en América.

» You have Faith and I have works.» Show me your faith apart from works, and I by my works will show you my Faith.» (James 2:18).Our role as co- constructors of the kingdom of God is in the here and now. As we wait for our lord to fulfil his kingdom, it is our task to continue healing, reconciling and transforming the world. This is the purpose that led us to start this school. When these girls go out into the world they will transform it.

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St. Nina’s Orphanage and Mission Center

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It is all about the Good Word of the Lord. The Good News needs to be proclaimed and understood in the context of human need. To hear the word and do it leads to a blessing. Let us do it together, let us transform lives together. Kindly continue to support this project. We are likely to get stuck very very soon because of lack of finances. If you wish to help kindly send your donations to OCMC or inbox me ( Bishop Nyeri and Mount Kenya Neofitos ) for further directions. God bless you all.

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Bishop Neofitos Girls Dormitory construction in good Progress. We pray and continue to ask for your continued support. It is not a small dormitory as we thought. We ask for your kind and generous support in order to start and complete the dormitory. God bless you all. We love you.

If you wish to help kindly send your donations to OCMC or inbox him ( Bishop Nyeri and Mount Kenya Neofitos ) for further directions. God bless you all.

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Αφού στείλετε την οικονομική σας υποστήριξη στο Ορθόδοξο χριστιανικό ιεραποστολικό κέντρο, θα πρέπει να στείλετε ενημερωτικό εμαιλ στο οποίο να αναφέρετε ότι η προσφορά σας προορίζεται για την Ορθόδοξη Επισκοπή Νυέρι και Όρους Κένυα.

After sending your financial support to the Orthodox Christian Mission Center, you should send an informative email stating that your offer is for the Orthodox Diocese of Nyeri and Mount Kenya ( school, dormitory ).

Après avoir envoyé votre soutien financier au Centre de Mission Chrétienne Orthodoxe, vous devez envoyer un e-mail informatif indiquant que votre offre est pour le diocèse orthodoxe de Nyeri et du Mont Kenya (école, dortoir).

Después de enviar su apoyo financiero al Centro de Misión Cristiana Ortodoxa, debe enviar un correo electrónico informativo indicando que su oferta es para la Diócesis Ortodoxa de Nyeri y Mount Kenya (escuela, dormitorio).

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