On Monday, November 23rd, the third day of the Pastoral tour to Kenya,His Beatitude Theodoros II, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, visited the Holy Diocese of Nyeri and Mount Kenya.

At the Diocese he was warmly welcomed by the local Bishop, His Grace Neophytos and the holy clergy of the Diocese who as a whole, number 80 Priests. After the usual Doxology, the Artoclasia Service took place. His Grace warmly welcomed the Alexandrian Primate and expressed the joy of his flock that he is visiting at such a difficult time for humanity and referred to the missionary work of his Diocese and its recent achievements, which are 5 schools and 3 medical centers.

He then introduced his distinguished colleagues who are the cream of the district and who offer their services voluntarily and asked His Beatitude to pray daily for all so that they can quickly overcome the test of the pandemic and begin again all the activities of the church for the benefit of their fellow human beings.

The Patriarch, deeply moved, expressed his admiration for the many works achieved since the recent establishment of the Diocese, blessed all those present and addressed patriarchal words of love to the holy clergy, asking him, among other things, to always be next to the Bishop in their area as he represents the Church of St MArk, the founder and Patron of the Church of Alexandria and to be proud because they belong to an historic and ancient Patriarchate which is the only one that has jurisdiction and ecclesiastical regularity in the region and throughout Africa.

Afterwards, the mothers and the Association of Orthodox Women presented a cultural programme, strictly observing the measures and precautions against the spread of the coronavirus.

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