OCMC Announcement – Spring 2020 Orthodox Mission Teams Now Available!

Have you ever wanted to experience the Orthodox Faith in another part of the world?Have you ever wanted to serve in the name of your Faith? Have you ever wanted to meet Orthodox Christians from another culture?

Orthodox Christian Mission Teams 2020

If so, prayerfully consider joining one of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center’s Spring Mission Teams in 2020.

This year’s Spring teams will be offering a living witness to the Orthodox Faith in Albania, Colombia, Guatemala, and Indonesia – with even more teams slated for later in the year! For more information, to apply, or for a complete list of teams visit www.ocmc.org or e-mail teams@ocmc.org.


We hope your Nativity season has been blessed!

We are finally approaching Christmas: the birth and incarnation of Jesus Christ. In this time of great joy and giving, we hope you can keep the OCMC in your hearts as well.

Your gift can help make a difference, by empowering us to share the joy of Christ’s incarnation and love with the whole world.

Please keep us in your prayers and consider a donation to the OCMC – not only as a gift to us, but as a gift to all those who will discover the Orthodox Christian Faith through your support.



Open Mission Teams

Current Mission Team opportunities are listed below. Click the More button to learn about each Team. Click the Sign-Up button to apply. Share in a journey of faith as an OCMC Orthodox Mission Team member. Apply today!

3/20/2020 to 3/29/2020
Tirana – Connect with young adults from Albania and see the growth and vibrancy that the Church has experienced since the fall of communism. This Team will be a collaborative effort with OCMC and OCF Real Break. Team will be led by Fr. Stephanos Ritsi, OCMC long term missionary. Register at: http://www.ocf.net/events/real-break-albania/
5/18/2020 to 5/29/2020
Tirana – Earn credit hours by studying missiology through the Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity. Team will be led by Fr. Luke Veronis, Director of the Missions Institute and Adjunct Instructor at both Holy Cross and Hellenic College. Team is limited to Orthodox seminarians. Practicum will be held in the mission field of Albania.
6/9/2020 to 6/25/2020
Youth Work
Tirana – Contribute to two amazing ministries in Albania: an English language camp for 150 students from the Orthodox Protaganist School and an VCS program at the Home of Hope. These ministries will expose you to the vibrant ministries of a Church in a nation that is predominantly Muslim. Team will be led by Pamela Barksdale OCMC missionary. *
8/11/2020 to 8/22/2020
Korca – Assist with a catechist training program and help with renovation work at St John the Baptist Monastery in Voskopoje. Catechists from five different metropolises will come together for learning, fellowship, spiritual growth and repairing the retreat center. Team will be led by OCMC missionary Pamela Barksdale
6/17/2020 to 6/26/2020
Cerete – Offer the teaching of the Orthodox faith in Cerete and Cartagena in northern Colombia. Help foster a deeper understanding of Orthodoxy for the children, youth and adults of these newly established communities. The White Gold Capital awaits you!
7/27/2020 to 8/7/2020
Accra – Be a part of an annual Clergy retreat in the Archdiocese of Accra and all Ghana and be part of bringing the example of a self-sufficient Church to the clergy and faithful of the region. Enjoy a time of teaching, fellowship and spiritual growth. Clergy needed.
8/4/2020 to 8/18/2020
Youth Work
Larteh – Are you interested in helping the young people of Ghana navigate the challenges of living as an Orthodox Christian in an increasingly challenging society? Participate in a camp that will provide important teaching and lasting fellowship for both counselors and campers.
3/10/2020 to 3/17/2020
Aguacate – The mountainous area of northern Guatemala is home to a growing Orthodox Church. Show the love of Christ by sharing your talents as a health care provider in Aguacate at the Fr. Andres Giron Clinic. Team will be led by OCMC long term missionaries.
6/17/2020 to 6/30/2020
Nueva Conception – Offer youth and adult catechism, experience worship services, and encourage the faithful in Guatemala where people desire to learn and deepen their faith. The Team will work with OCMC missionaries to Guatemala.
11/6/2020 to 11/15/2020
Aguacate – The mountainous area of northern Guatemala is home to a growing Orthodox Church. Show the love of Christ by sharing your talents as a health care provider in Aguacate at the Fr. Andres Giron Clinic. Team will be led by OCMC long term missionaries.
6/22/2020 to 7/4/2020
Bali – Assist the Orthodox Church in Indonesia by being part of a youth and family-focused ministry in Singaraja. Teach about the Orthodox Christian understanding of spirituality, prayer, family life, fellowship, and offer a vibrant witness of Christ.


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