OCMC News – Help Albanian Earthquake Relief Efforts this GivingTuesday! Help Orthodox Christian Church of Albania !!!

As many of you may already be aware, this week Albania was hit by its most severe earthquake in decades. So far, at least 49 have been killed and hundreds more left injured and/or homeless. There was also some damage to the chapel of the Resurrection of Christ Orthodox seminary.

The Orthodox Church of Albania has been quick to jump into action and offer its resources to all those now in need. They’ve been opening their properties for victims to take refuge in and escape the cold, and they’ve mobilized the youth to help prepare and hand out food to as many people as possible.

With this sudden and immediate need, we’ve decided to shift our GivingTuesday efforts.

Our goal is still to raise $5,000, but now, instead of going to our future mission team efforts in Albania, the money will be set aside for the Albanian Church’s disaster relief work in this emergency.

By the grace of God, we can at least be thankful that this is happening just in time for GivingTuesday – the international day of giving. We pray that with so many nonprofits now fundraising for their work around the world, those struggling in Albania will get the help they need.

As we all prepare for our Thanksgiving celebrations, please remember those in Albania in your prayers. And please consider a donation to help with the earthquake disaster relief.

We hope to raise at least $5,000 by December 3, and every bit will help us get there.

Click the link below to join us in helping with relief efforts:

Help Albanian Earthquake Relief Efforts this GivingTuesday!


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