OCMC News – It’s SAMP Month Again!

Every year, OCMC dedicates the month of October as SAMP (Support a Mission Priest) Month!

Father Zechariah serves several communities in the Turkana region of Kenya, and continues to reach out to even more people who have yet to hear the Gospel message.

The SAMP program currently supports 378 indigenous priests in 16 different countries worldwide, as they work hard to establish and grow their local churches. In many of these areas, each priest is responsible for several communities, as the Church grows faster than clergy can be trained. It’s not easy, but they’re doing God’s work, and many of us have the blessing to participate by supporting them.

Over the course of SAMP Month, we will be featuring a few of these mission priests and sharing their stories with you! Follow our social media feed on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to learn about them and to get a glimpse of the work being done by the Church all around the world.

All it takes to support one priest’s ministries is $50/month or $600/year. This SAMP month, we’re aiming to raise $3,600 – or enough to support 6 different priests for an entire year!

Please consider either a one-time donation to help us towards our goal, or a recurring donation to grant ongoing support to a priest in the mission field. Click here to donate to the SAMP program.

The missionary vocation of the Church is all of our responsibility, and only by working together can we carry out Christ’s great commission to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”


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