The new Orthodox Mission issue #29 – SEPTEMBER 2019 is now out . Read it on line.

The new Orthodox Mission issue is now out with news and reports from 11 missionary regions.

How was Saint Paisios feast celebrated in Arusha?

Greetings from Fiji islands

Annual Clergy Seminar

Pentecost in the Land of Pygmies

Crowding for a Milk Serving

What did the visiting doctors do in Kinshasa?

Is anyone here a doctor?

As Many of You as Have Been Baptized into Christ…

Southern Madagascar sends out an SOS signal

What does every day life look like for the Mission in Northern Uganda?

What did the journalist Nikos Aslanides see and experience in Madagascar?

These and many more in the issue on your screen. Now available in mobile-friendly layout. Browse through it, read it, share it with your friends.



Faites un don


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1 Response to The new Orthodox Mission issue #29 – SEPTEMBER 2019 is now out . Read it on line.

  1. Αγαπητοί αδελφοί, χαίρετε εν Κυρίω.
    Μια ιεραποστολική συμβολική πράξη έλαβε χώρα από την Κρήτη προς τη Νιγηρία, με αφορμή έναν από τους αρχαιότερους (και άγνωστους) αγίους της Εκκλησίας μας:
    «Η αφιέρωση της ιεράς εικόνος του αγίου Συμεώνος Νίγερος στην Ιερά Μητρόπολη Νιγηρίας»:
    Σας ευχαριστώ. Ο Θεός, διά της Θεοτόκου και του αγίου Του και πάντων των αγίων, ας ευλογεί την προσπάθειά σας και όλων των ορθοδόξων ιεραποστόλων, όπου Γης.


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