Orthodox Christian mission teams summer 2019 from USA. Informations here…

Orthodox Mission Teams

Empower the Church at home and abroad by working, witnessing, worshipping and making disciples on an Orthodox Mission Team. Minister to the needs of Orthodox communities around the world by: presenting a visible expression of the love, unity and support; sharing the teachings of the Orthodox Faith and providing labor to communities; and increasingawareness of the unending mission efforts of the Church.

Open Mission Teams

Current Mission Team opportunities are listed below. Click the More button to learn about each Team. Click the Sign-Up button to apply. Share in a journey of faith as an OCMC Orthodox Mission Team member. Apply today!

6/18/2019 to 7/1/2019
Youth Work
Shen Vlash – Make a difference in the life of a young person this summer by being a part of an annual camp at the Children’s Home of Hope, located on the seminary grounds of historic Shen Vlash. The children at the Home of Hope are raised in an Orthodox enviornment and look forward to this Team every year. Team will be planned by OCMC missionary Pamela Barksdale. *

Mr. Jacob A Sparks
Ms. Teresa A. Duro
Miss Juliana M Leondis
Miss Kristina A Koutsoupis
Fr. Dennis Rhodes
Ms. Esther Ruehle
Pamela Barksdale


6/18/2019 to 6/27/2019
Cerete – Offer the teaching of the Orthodox faith in Cerete, Cartagena and Guajira in northern Colombia. Help foster deeper understanding of Orthodoxy to the children, youth and adults of these newly established communities. The White Gold Capital awaits you!

Dr. Cheryl Johnson
Fr. Michael J Marcantoni
Mrs. Katherine A Nunez Marcantoni
Matias S Marcantoni Nunez
Andrea E Marcantoni Nunez


7/22/2019 to 8/1/2019
Accra – Be a part of an annual Clergy retreat in the Archdiocese of Accra and all Ghana and be part of bringing the example of a self-sufficient Church to the clergy and faithful of the region. Enjoy a time of teaching, fellowship and spiritual growth. Clergy needed.

Fr. Paul Jannakos
Pr. Michelle A Jannokos
7/29/2019 to 8/13/2019
Youth Work
Larteh – Are you interested in helping the young people of Ghana navigate the challenges of living as an Orthodox Christian in an increasingly challenging society? Participate in a camp that will provide important teaching and lasting fellowship for both counselors and campers.

Mr. Paul Waggoner
Ms. Zoe Cavalaris
Miss Christiana E Nicoloudakis
Mr. Jimmy Nakos
Ms. Athena Tzanakis
Mrs. Joanna T Cavalaris


11/8/2019 to 11/17/2019
Aguacate – Provide health care and education in Aguacate, a predominately Mayan region of northern Guatemala. Show the love of Christ by sharing your talents as a health care provider at the Fr. Andres Giron Clinic. Team will be led by OCMC long term missionaries.

Miss Jessica Cooper
Miss Francine Blomberg
Mrs. Selma Contos
Dr. Olympia Tachopoulou
Dr. Henry Van Zanten
Mrs. Susan M Washinsky
Fr. John Manuel
Mrs. Karen Manuel
Ms. Elaine Gavaras
Ms. Rachel Montany
Dr. William Mitsos
Susan Blandina Jones


6/24/2019 to 7/6/2019
Bali – Assist the Orthodox Church in Indonesia with its ongoing mission by being part of a youth and family-focused ministry in Singaraja, Bali. Teach about the Orthodox Faith and Christian understanding of spirituality, prayer, family life, and fellowship while providing a visible witness of the Faith. Watch this short video of the ongoing mission efforts https://youtu.be/hjVAIfDfp3E.

Ms. Lesia Mahlay
Ms. Christine Priggins
Ms. Tamara Host
7/1/2019 to 7/13/2019
Medan – Teach the Faith at three Orthodox schools that are planting the seeds of Christianity in North Sumatera where Islam is a majority religion. This OCMC Mission Team will be assisting the Church in Indonesia. Watch this short video of the ongoing mission efforts https://youtu.be/hjVAIfDfp3E.

Mr. Matthew Augenstein
Lesia Mahlay
Mr. Richard Mohr
Ms. Tamara Host


8/8/2019 to 8/17/2019
Youth Work
Kingston – Be a part of the second Orthodox Mission Team to Jamaica that will offer a Vacation Bible School and encourage the faithful who are experiencing a thirst for Orthodoxy and desire for a vibrant Church. Team will be led by Fr. Anthony Salzman.

Fr. Anthony Salzman
Anastasia Bouzinekis
Ms. Cynthia A. Mizes
Mrs. Suzanne Stappas
Roberta Sardell


7/15/2019 to 7/29/2019
Mugeni – Assist with construction at the St. Athanasius Orthodox Secondary School in the remote village of Mugeni in the Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya. Help build the foundation of Orthodoxy by providing facilities that will prepare students for future studies.*

Mr. Alexander Goodwin
Ms. Emily Robertson
Mrs. Madeline Goodwin
Miss Amanda M Goodwin
Ms. Drew S Walker
Mr. Eli M Walker
Mr. Thomas J Goodwin
Mr. Isaac Butts
Mr. Stuart Yoder
8/2/2019 to 8/15/2019
Kisumu – Do you have a desire to visit Africa, not as a tourist, but with a meaningful mission to assist the Church? A unique Team is coming together that will be able to see a drill bring water to the St. Pauls God Jope Hills Academy as well as meet the youth who study there and impact them through a short Vacation Bible School program and have some hands on time to contribute to a building project at the school.

Mr. George Veronis
Miss Elizabeth Veronis
8/5/2019 to 8/18/2019
Kisumu – Provide health care and health education in the Nandi region of western Kenya. The Orthodox Church in this region has a holistic ministry which includes vibrant Churches, schools and health care outreach. Health Care professionals needed.

Mr. Gary Luken
Stefanie K Lioudis
Mrs. Ksenia Bruner
Mr. Cliff Tewis
Dr. Cheryl Johnson
Mrs. Michelle C Scully
Mr. Colin P Cleghorn
Ms. Theresa Mellas
Miss Savannah Lorenz
8/10/2019 to 8/19/2019
Kisumu – Be a part of a vibrant women’s ministry in the Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya. This Diocese retreat brings women from different tribes and regions together for learning, fellowship and spiritual growth.

Mrs. Presvytera Elizabeth Tervo
Mat. Wendy Cwiklinski
Pres Renee Ritsi
Eugenia Vasiliadis
11/4/2019 to 11/13/2019
Nyeri – Be a part of renewing and encouraging the clergy wives in the Diocese of Nyeri and Mount Kenya through being a part of a retreat that focuses on family and the role of the clergy wife in the home and in the parish.

Mrs. Shelley J Finkler
Khr Christine Rogers
Mrs. Anastasia Howell
12/8/2019 to 12/17/2019
Youth Work
Kisumu – Contribute to youth ministry efforts of the Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya at a conference for youth leaders and young adults. Individuals with experience teaching and youth work are encouraged to apply.

Mr. Danesh Kateli
12/8/2019 to 12/17/2019
Youth Work
Nyeri – Contribute to youth ministry efforts of the Diocese of Nyeri and Mount Kenya at a conference for youth leaders and young adults. Individuals with experience teaching and youth work are encouraged to apply.

Fr. John Chagnon


7/18/2019 to 7/24/2019
Building A Home for Missions. Enjoy a week of work, witness and fellowship as you learn the importance of sharing the Orthodox Faith and the responsibility of building up the Church in a cross-cultural setting. Project Mexico is partnering with OCMC to build homes while introducing youth and adults to the Orthodox vocation of international missions. Register at: www.projectmexico.org
8/10/2019 to 8/17/2019
Vera Cruz – Are you interested in sharing your faith in remote villages northeast of Mexico City? Do you want to use your Spanish language skills in the mission field?

Fr. Antonio Perdomo
Mr. Anthony G. Carmona


6/22/2019 to 6/28/2019
Stockholm – In this era of post-modernism, the youth of Sweden are looking to the Church for truth. Be a part of this first Team to Sweden and encourage the faithful in their Orthodox walk. 

Mrs. Adrienne M Candelario
Mr. Josef Candelario
Fr. Brendan Pelphrey
Ms. Amber Bennett
Ms. Elaine Piniat


United States
7/6/2019 to 7/14/2019
Are you a high school student or youth leader who is interested in putting your Faith to work and sharing Christ’s love by helping families in need through a home repair mission trip with the Orthodox Youth Mission Team to Appalachia this summer where you will live in community with other Orthodox youth? Register at www.oymt.info.
7/22/2019 to 7/31/2019
Youth Work
Yukon Deanery, Alaska – Are you able to participate in a wilderness youth camp? This annual camp, near Pilot Station, teaches Yupik Alaskan traditions and the Orthodox faith. This is an opportunity for you to encourage and teach youth about the Orthodox Faith in the beautiful Lower Yukon. Team will be hosted by Fr. Stephen Heckman. *

Ms. Markella Patitsas
Ms. Felice Stewart
Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Slanta
John Slanta
Mr. Chanhyun (Ioachim) Shim
Mr. Christopher T Howe
Mrs. Katherine Jacob
Ms. Tamara Timko
Mr. Nate Smith
8/6/2019 to 8/17/2019
Youth Work
Newhalen, Alaska – Are you interested in helping the Orthodox community of Holy Transfiguration strengthen its youth ministry efforts by participating in the annual St. Juvenaly Summer Youth Camp? This annual camp invites youth and their families from the Iliamna Lake area to participate. Team will be hosted by Fr. David Askoak. *

Daniel Katz
Ms. Felice Stewart
Fr. Nathaniel Choma
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