Emergency ! Orthodox Mission Sunday – USA ( February 18th 2018 ) Lesson Plans and Annual OCMC Coin Box Initiative

Mission Sunday falls on February 18th 2018, a wonderful way to start the season of Great Lent. And that means the OCMC annual Coin Box program is starting up, which includes missions-themed lesson plans meant to help educate and engage the youth of your community!

Mission Sunday is a day of reflection as we look back to past missions and remember the good work of our team members, along with the work long-term missionaries are continuing to do.

Coin boxes and Sunday School Lesson Plans from the OCMC are invaluable tools that will help plant the seeds of love and service in the hearts of those who will be tomorrow’s missionaries, priests, supporters, and leaders.

To order these materials for free, or for questions, contact Phyllis Skinner by phone at 1-877-GO-FORTH (463-6784) ext. 164, or by e-mail at coinbox@ocmc.org!



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