Appeal for assistance during Great Lent… Έκκληση για βοήθεια στη διάρκεια της Μεγάλης Σαρακοστής…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

May the blessings of this Great Lent fill your hearts and homes abundantly.

This Holy Season of Great Lent, every year reminds us all to repent, change ourselves and think of those who really are in need of our assistance financially and spiritually. God gives us the chance to be generous and share a meal daily with those in need.

Since the Orthodox Church is growing we have to meet with difficulties also. Daily there are problems which need solution immediately and I confess that it is very difficult to be a priest. My shoulders are weaker than the strength I have. I am an optimistic person and believe in the Lord`s power very strongly.

He surely will move our hearts to think of hundreds of people who wait for a loaf of bread from us, the students wait for some funds to pay their school fee in time, the sick wait for some kind person to help them overcome their sickness, homeless look for shelter, young girls abducted need legal assistance to return home,and little children who sleep without milk get fragile and very soon lose their lives. I have no resources to feed the hungry and assist widows and orphans.

 I rely on you all,brothers and sisters to hold my hand to save a penny for all these needy, poor and afflicted people. Those who are burnt for the sake of their faith are in need of your prayers so that their souls may rest in peace and some angel may come from heaven to console their dear ones who mourn at such cruelties but at the same time are proud of their martyrdom.

Often, I get phone calls from some very needy people who have no means to survive.

Whatever is in my capacity I send them immediately, and talk to them to give encouragement.

Who will not feel for such people who are sick spiritually and physically? They suffer alone and have no one to console them. At least our prayers can help these people if not monetarily.

Pakistan is always under threat but we have to be constant in our mission work whether our pockets are full or empty because we always trust the Lord and good friends who come forward to give us a helping hand.

So on behalf of these poor, needy, homeless, widows, orphans, sick, young abducted girls, students and faith seekers to keep them in your prayers and fast keeping.

Even a penny from your pocket will be precious for the Orthodox Church in Pakistan.

The mission waits for your help and rest assured you all will be in our prayers.

God bless you all in this Holy and Grace filled Season.


Fr.John Tanveer and the Orthodox Community in Pakistan


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