A Health Center for Uganda. Ένα κέντρο Υγείας για την Ουγκάντα !

Lately, despite the financial difficulties that we have been facing, there has been an extraordinary effort by members of the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity to get two building projects completed in the parish community of Transfiguration, Degeya of the Holy Metropolis of Uganda. These projects are the Sacred Church of Sts. Constantine and Helen, and the “P. Papadimitrakopoulos Health Clinic”, which is located beside the church. We praise the Most Merciful God, for His Grace has promoted such projects to their current stage despite numerous difficulties. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Fraternity and also to all those who have contributed their mite to the realization of these projects. Their support has been invaluable.


As you may recall, the place where these projects are taking place, that is, the Transfiguration center, has a prominent position and serves a sufficient number of fellow humans in the region, not only those of the Orthodox faith but also the heterodox, mainly as regards the need for education and health care. However, with the development of the region and of the people living here, the basic needs are increasing. Therefore, whatever is added to the center, such as an extension wing, or the widening of the range of its services, arouses great expectations for this people’s further course in Christ.

As young people’s education within the precincts of the parish community of Transfiguration is considered very important in the region, the S. Church of Sts. Constantine and Helen  has been erected outside the wall surrounding the school in order to be established for the community life of the believers and, (in this way), to separate programs and activities. As for the Clinic, although located inside the area that is surrounded by the school wall, it will serve not only the students, but also all the patients coming through a special entrance beside the church.

The church needs painting as well as furnishings and equipment (there is 1000 euro available in the fund for this purpose). However, the carpenters’ bids for the seats required were flimsy. Maybe we should have them made gradually. It seems that the carpenters are trying to exploit us regarding the size of the seating space. As for the clinic equipment, the project work is proceeding according to schedule, that is, without any problem. Doctor George Sunday, Orthodox grandson of the late Fr. Elias Buzinde, is the person making arrangements for buying the right medical equipment and having it installed. (There is 2500 euro left in the fund for this project).

The salvation of the people in Uganda and Africa is a work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Despite the delays and the unexpected situations that usually arise, it is going on. May the God of Love bless all those working for the salvation of mankind.

From the Holy Metropolis of Kampala ( Uganda )

Shortlink to the post: http://orthodoxmission.org.gr/?p=7589


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