Kenya: Bishop Athanasius of Kisumu visited St.Andrews Dec school Gimengwa… Επίσκεψη του Ορθόδοξου Επισκόπου Κισούμου Κένυας Αθανασίου σε σχολεία της Ορθόδοξης Επισκοπής του.

The very yesterday 9th Feb 2017.H.G.Bishop Athanasius of Kisumu visited St.Andrews Dec school Gimengwa with the same team and this was the reception.

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and indoor

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The principal Mr. Amanake was very happy to receive the Bishop and shared with him words of wisdom as a scholar .Love long Master .
— with Athanasius Akunda.

Yesterday 9th Feb.2017 H.G.Bishop Athanasius of Kisumu visited Gimengwa primary schools. He got a very joyous reception from the teachers and pupils .With him were Fr.John,Fr.Amadiva, Fr.Everia and Deacon Johannes. Many years your Grace.

Φωτογραφία του Amadiva Athanasios.

Today was a great day for Chepsidai Nursery school. H.G.Bishop Athanasius of Kisumu and Fr.JOHN from Nairobi and our team visited .H.G.Bishop Athanasius offered them exercise books and drinks for the day .Many years Master.

Φωτογραφία του Amadiva Athanasios.

There is slot of needs IE we need proper library, laboratory and desks for learners.

Support Orthodox Education Mission in Orthodox Diocese of Kisumu in Kenya.

Βank acc. Name: Οrthodox Church Diocese of Kisumu.

Bank. Cooperative bank..

Current.or partnership acc Acc. No: 0112 869 823 6400. Branch name: mbale. Branch code:11110 Bank code. 11000 Swift code. KCOOKENA.

Address: 1530 gisambai/hamisi. Igonyi vihiga. Postal address: 829-40123 Megacity. Kisumu. Kenya. Cel: +254724202969

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