«Live many years our donors, sponsors, well wishers and all who pray for St Irene Orthodox mission centre in Kenya! «Τα παιδιά της Κένυα ζητούν τη συμπαράστασή μας !

Live many years our donors, sponsors, well wishers and all who pray for St Irene Orthodox mission centre! I wish to thank you for your support in the year 2016.Truly minus you we couldn’t have made it this far!!!!God add in your pockets always.

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I wish to inform you that the academic classes resume 4th January 2017.I humble as I request you to still support us so that we can buy the orphans books,pens,uniform,other stationeries, food,renovate shelter, water because we experience hard time than ever in water shortage and pay rent.

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The Bible says never get tired of doing good because you will be rewarded abundantly. I look forward for your prayers and support.

We wish a prosperous year 2017 and be blessed abundantly!!!!!

Yours in Christ

Fr Constantino’s Eliud Director St Irene Orthodox mission centre.





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