OCMC News – Bringing Orthodoxy to the People: The Growing Orthodox Church of Sweden ( more than 100.000 Orthodox Christian in Sweden ) ! Den växande Ortodoxa Kyrkan (mer än 100,000 Ortodox Kristen i Sverige)!

The Holy Metropolis of Sweden and All Scandinavia includes the nations of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Greenland. OCMC Executive Director, Fr. Martin Ritsi, recently traveled to visit with His Eminence Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden and All Scandinavia to discuss the vision for missionary work in the Scandinavian Orthodox Church. During his time in Sweden, Fr. Martin was able to gain a perspective on what His Eminence envisions for future ministries.

OCMC News - Bringing Orthodoxy to the People: The Growing Church of Sweden

Currently, the Metropolis has eight communities, four of which have been started since His Eminence was enthroned. There are nine priests who serve at the parishes. For some time, there was only one priest serving by himself, but eight more clergy have been added during the last two years. A Ladies Philoptochos Society has been started as well as a youth group at the St. George Cathedral in Stockholm.

These have already led to ministries teaching Orthodox theology, Byzantine music classes, providing outreach, 16 adult baptisms of non-Christians, and 24 chrismations. Also, a monastery has been established in Sweden.

His Eminence has focused on many organizational tasks since his election on June 4, 2014, including administrative improvements, hiring for ecclesiastical and administrative positions, raising funds for the local churches, and much more.

Metropolitan Cleopas has a missionary vision; that is, he believes the Orthodox Church is meant to reach all people of every ethnicity and social standing. He is working to make Orthodoxy accessible to anyone curious about the Faith and seeks to faithfully pursue the calling to spread the Gospel to all nations.

There are several ministry elements that His Eminence would like to specifically focus on in outreach for the Scandinavian Metropolis. First and foremost: people. He hopes to receive missionaries and mission teams to provide ministry programs that will encourage people to come to the Faith. These ministries will be geared toward youth, the elderly, environmental consciousness, and the restoration and preservation of Orthodox historical sites, artifacts, and other cultural resources. Through these efforts, the Metropolis aims to become more of a presence in society and provide ways in which everyday life can be enriched through the Orthodox Church. Because of this, a camp and retreat center will be constructed, as well as churches and a museum of Hellenic Christian Heritage. These destinations will offer resources such as theological education to potential clergy, catechism for youth, and a tangible, historical presentation of the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center asks for your prayers for the quickly developing Church of the Metropolis of Sweden and All Scandinavia and the opportunities for missions that have arisen and will arise there in the future. Scandinavia is another place that the light of Orthodoxy is shining into. May Christ be with Metropolitan Cleopas in his loving outreach and mission efforts to the people in his Metropolis and beyond!


Οι Ορθόδοξοι Χριστιανοί στη Σουηδία είναι πολλοί περισσότεροι από 100.000,αλλά δεν συμμετέχουν όλοι ενεργά στις εβδομαδιαίες συνάξεις των Ορθοδόξων Εκκλησιών. Παρακαλούμε όλους τους Ορθόδοξους Χριστιανούς που διαμένουν στη Σουηδία να στηρίξουν τις ορθόδοξες εκκλησίες και τα μοναστήρια σε όλη τη Σουηδία !!!


Православни хришћани у Шведској је много више од 100.000, али не сви активно учествују у недељним скуповима Православних Цркава. Молимо Вас да сви православни хришћани живе у Шведској за подршку православних цркава и манастира широм Шведске !!!

Православные христиане в Швеции гораздо больше, чем 100000, но не все активно участвуют в еженедельных собраниях православных Церквей. Пожалуйста, все православные христиане, живущие в Швеции, чтобы поддержать православных церквей и монастырей по всей Швеции !!!

Ortodoxa kristna i Sverige är många fler än 100.000, men inte alla delta aktivt i de veckovisa möten med de ortodoxa kyrkorna. Vänligen alla ortodoxa kristna som lever i Sverige för att stödja de ortodoxa kyrkor och kloster i hela Sverige !!!

Ortodokseja Ruotsissa on paljon enemmän kuin 100000, mutta eivät kaikki osallistuvat aktiivisesti viikoittain kokoontumiset ortodoksikirkkojen. Ota kaikki ortodokseja asuvat Ruotsissa tukea ortodoksisen kirkkoja ja luostareita koko Ruotsin !!!

Ortodokse kristne i Sverige er mye mer enn 100 000, men ikke alle deltar aktivt i den ukentlige samlinger av de ortodokse kirker. Vennligst alle ortodokse kristne som bor i Sverige for å støtte de ortodokse kirker og klostre i hele Sverige !!!

Orthodox Christians in Sweden is many more than 100,000, but not all participate actively in the weekly gatherings of the Orthodox Churches. Please, all Orthodox Christians living in Sweden to support the Orthodox churches and monasteries throughout Sweden !!!

Православні християни в Швеції набагато більше, ніж 100000, але не всі активно беруть участь в щотижневих зборах православних Церков. Будь ласка, всі православні християни, що живуть в Швеції, щоб підтримати православних церков і монастирів по всій Швеції !!!

Праваслаўныя хрысціяне ў Швецыі значна больш, чым 100000, але не ўсе актыўна ўдзельнічаюць у штотыднёвых сходах праваслаўных Цэркваў. Калі ласка, ўсе праваслаўныя хрысціяне, якія жывуць у Швецыі, каб падтрымаць праваслаўных цэркваў і манастыроў па ўсёй Швецыі !!!

المسيحيين الأرثوذكس في السويد غيرها الكثير من 100،000، ولكن ليس المشاركة فقط بنشاط في التجمعات الأسبوعية من الكنائس الأرثوذكسية. يرجى جميع المسيحيين الأرثوذكس الذين يعيشون في السويد لدعم الكنائس والأديرة الأرثوذكسية في جميع أنحاء السويد !!!

Православните християни в Швеция е много повече от 100,000, но не всички участват активно в седмичните събирания на православните църкви. Моля, всички православни християни, които живеят в Швеция, за да поддържат православните църкви и манастири в цяла Швеция !!!

მართლმადიდებელი ქრისტიანები შვედეთი ბევრი მეტი 100,000, მაგრამ არა ყველა, აქტიური მონაწილეობა მიიღოს ყოველკვირეული შეკრების მართლმადიდებელი ეკლესიები. გთხოვთ, ყველა მართლმადიდებელი ქრისტიანები ცხოვრობენ შვედეთის შეუწყოს მართლმადიდებლური ეკლესია-მონასტრების მთელი შვედეთი !!!

Creștinii ortodocși din Suedia este mai mult de 100.000 de multe, dar nu toate participă activ la adunările săptămânale ale Bisericilor Ortodoxe. Vă rugăm să toți creștinii ortodocși care trăiesc în Suedia, pentru a sprijini bisericile ortodoxe și mănăstirile din Suedia !!!


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