2017 OCMC Mission Teams Now Available! Οι ιεραποστολικές ομάδες εθελοντισμού του 2017 από τους Ορθόδοξους Χριστιανούς της Αμερικής είναι διαθέσιμες. Δείτε αναλυτικά.

Το Ορθόδοξο Χριστιανικό Ιεραποστολικό Κέντρο της Αμερικής δημοσιοποιεί τις ορθόδοξες ιεραποστολικές ομάδες του 2017 για Αλάσκα, Αλβανία, Γουατεμάλα, Μεξικό, Κένυα και Ινδονησία.The Orthodox Christian Mission Center needs your talents and gifts in 2017 in the mission field. If you’ve been wondering how you can serve the Church, an OCMC short-term mission team is a fantastic way to get involved.

OCMC News - 2017 OCMC Mission Teams Now Available!

Orthodox Christian mission team in Kenya, 2016

In 2017, OCMC teams will help strengthen the faith of young adults in Albania through teaching, assist in constructing a new Orthodox church in Kenya, offer healthcare to the Mayan people in Guatemala, and more. Whatever skills you have, Christ can work through a giving heart eager to serve those who want to share His love with others. Please prayerfully consider applying for a team!

Mission teams will serve in six different countries this coming year, including Albania, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and Alaska. Dates and descriptions for upcoming mission teams are as follows:


3/10/2017 to 3/20/2017 – Albania: Work with Albanian Orthodox youth leaders to host conferences for youth and young adults who are seeking to strengthen their faith in a rapidly changing society.

3/17/2017 to 3/26/2017 – Guatemala: Provide health care and health education in the predominately Mayan region of northern Guatemala. Show the love of Christ by sharing your talents as a health care provider in Aguacate at the Fr. Andres Giron Clinic.

3/29/2017 to 4/10/2017 – Kenya: Make a difference in the lives of the youth at the St. Clement Orthodox School in Nairobi by participating in a Youth Mentorship Program. This initiative is geared to help teens learn life skills while sharing the Orthodox Faith.


4/21/2017 to 5/2/2017 – Kenya: Be a part of a vibrant women’s ministry in the new Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya. Participate and teach at the Diocese Mother’s Union retreat that brings women from different tribes and regions together for learning, fellowship, and growth.


5/22/2017 to 6/10/2017 – Indonesia: Teach and encourage the students at Orthodox schools in Indonesia.


6/6/2017 to 6/20/2017 – Kenya: Assist the community of St. Moses Orthodox Church in Kakamega, in the new Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya, build their permanent church building.

6/13/2017 to 6/27/2017 – Albania: Conduct a summer camp program for youth at the Children’s Home of Hope in Shen Vlash.

6/27/2017 to 7/10/2017 – Indonesia: Offer a family and youth outreach while teaching English in Bali. Minister to the youth and graduates of the St. Thomas Orthodox House that provides for the needs of disadvantaged youth.


7/5/2017 to 7/15/2017 – Alaska: Offer a camp program for children and teenagers at the Protection of the Theotokos Orthodox community in Akhiok to help deepen the faith and be a sign of Christian love and solidarity.

7/20/2017 to 7/31/2017 – Alaska: Participate in a youth camp near Pilot Station, where you will encourage and teach youth at an annual camp that incorporates lessons on the Orthodox Church and Alaskan traditions into the curriculum.


8/2/2017 to 8/14/2017 – Kenya: Offer a camp for youth at a new Orthodox orphanage in Kibera, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Nairobi, and be a part of a holistic ministry of the Church of Kenya.

8/12/2017 to 8/19/2017 – Mexico: Offer youth and adult catechism, experience worship services, and encourage the faithful in Vera Cruz. Spanish-speakers are encouraged to apply.

8/16/2017 to 8/26/2017 – Kenya: Touch the lives of children by leading a camp program for children from the Makarios Children’s Home in the Diocese of Nyeri and Mt. Kenya.

8/16/2017 to 8/26/2017 – Kenya: Contribute to youth ministry efforts of the new Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya at an annual youth retreat for youth leaders and young adults.

8/25/2017 to 9/3/2017 – Guatemala: Provide health care and health education in the predominately Mayan region of northern Guatemala.


9/11/2017 to 9/23/2017 – Indonesia: Assist with the health care outreach at the Theotokos Orthodox Hospital in Medan.

Visit https://www.ocmc.org/about/open_teams.aspx, e-mail teams@ocmc.org, or call 1-877-463-6784 for more information or to volunteer.


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