OCMC News – Support a Mission Orthodox Priest this October 2016. Υποστηρίξτε το πρόγραμμα ενίσχυσης Ορθόδοξων ιερέων που διακονούν στην Ιεραποστολή.

In the remote region of Turkana, Kenya, Fr. Zechariah shepherds the Church faithfully. He is one of the few priests that serve the Turkana region, and Orthodoxy is steadily growing. Having a priest like Fr. Zechariah preaching the Gospel amongst his own people is one of the greatest ways to bring people to Christ, and the OCMC’s SAMP program helps make that possible.

OCMC News - Support a Mission Priest this October

Fr. Zachariah serving Orthodox Christians in Turkana, Kenya

The Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) program of the OCMC offers monthly financial assistance to 376 indigenous priests in 16 different countries around the world as they work to build up the Orthodox Church.

SAMP priests follow in the footsteps of the apostles, spreading the message of Christ’s love to areas of the world where people hunger for the peace and truth of the Orthodox Faith. Many priests are responsible for several communities, as the Church is growing faster than clergy can be trained. It is an arduous life, one dedicated to sharing the Good News of Christ with those around them and ministering to their church communities. SAMP makes it possible for us to help our brothers across the world spread the Gospel and serve the growing Orthodox Church near them.

During the month of October, the OCMC will be highlighting the SAMP program on Facebook and social media in order to bring awareness to this important ministry and raise support for mission priests.

One mission priest can be fully sponsored for one year with a gift of $600 ($50 per month).

Through this social media campaign, we hope to raise $1,800 – enough to sponsor three mission priests for one year.

We need your help!

To make a donation to the SAMP program or to sponsor a priest, please use the following link:https://www.ocmc.org/donate/donate.aspx?FundId=11

Fr. Seraphim, Orthodox Church of Madagascar


If you would like more information you may call 904-829-5132 ext. 163, or e-mail us at samp@ocmc.org.

Please prayerfully consider giving to the SAMP program so that Orthodox priests abroad can continue to minister to their parishes and to those who need Jesus Christ.



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