Orthodox Christian Mission Center: Help Support the Work of the OCMC this Nativity Season !

As the Nativity Feast approaches, and as the year comes to an end, please prayerfully consider supporting Orthodox missions so that this vital work can continue in 2016!

OCMC News – Help Support the Work of the OCMC this Nativity Season

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
«Please, we need help!»

Another bishop is asking. He’s watching growing groups of Orthodox believers in his area — but not enough priests ready to serve them. He’s urgently asking for support — and training to raise up new priests and lay leaders.

I get these urgent requests all the time. Think what these new believers face: No priest ready to baptize them into the faith. No priest to serve them the Holy Gifts. No priest to hear their confession.

No priest. And far too often … I can’t help them.

We simply don’t have the funding to support and train priests everywhere they’re needed.

That’s why I’m writing to you this Nativity Season. While you celebrate the birth of Christ — the event that transformed the world and our lives — I hope you’ll think about what you can do to help support and train priests and lay leaders to power those growing churches. To say YES to the bishops. To build the Orthodox Church around the world.

God does great works with small things. So please — don’t ever think your donation or your prayers are too little to matter.

Because your gift will do the greatest thing I can think of: You’ll send Christ into communities and lives of people who are ready to receive the light.

You’ll not only send the priests. You’ll make possible all the things that build up the Church: From sending young men to seminary to digging wells …

… Yes, digging wells.

We work among the Turkana people of Kenya. They’re a nomadic, tribal people. Most of them follow an animistic religion.

But many have become Orthodox. Many more are ready to become part of our Church.

They need someone to teach them the Faith. Training. They need all the things that equip our Orthodox worship.

And they need wells. Because their land is bone-dry. So we helped them dig a well.

As you can imagine, a steady source of clean water will do a lot to improve their health and their lives. And this water can be used to baptize people coming into the Church.

The Turkana people need someone like you to stand with them and be their hero. So do many others.

Because that’s how God builds His Church. Through YOU.

I hope to hear from you soon!

In Christ,

Fr. Martin Ritsi
Executive Director

P.S. Let’s say YES to seeking people and new converts this Christmas. Please send your gift today.


Open Mission Teams

Current Mission Team opportunities available through OCMC are listed below. Click the More button to learn more about each Team. Click the Sign-Up button next to a Team if you are interested in sharing in a journey of faith as an Orthodox Team member. Airfare not included in Team costs. Team members must travel on scheduled dates; air travel to be coordinated with OCMC; ground transportation will be provided. Team members are encouraged to raise additional funds to cover the cost of domestic and international travel.



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