Give Thanks Through Giving to the Orthodox Church in Pakistan and India. Ευχαριστίες στο Θεό κάνοντας δωρεές προς τις Ορθόδοξες εκκλησίες του Πακιστάν και την Ινδίας !

Οι Ορθόδοξες Εκκλησίες στο Πακιστάν και την Ινδία έχουμε τη δική μας ανάγκη, αυτή τη περίοδο πριν από τα Χριστούγεννα ! Ας κάνουμε ένα δώρο αγάπης στις γυναίκες, τους αρρώστους, τα παιδιά που φροντίζουν οι ορθόδοξες εκκλησίες του Πακιστάν και της Ινδίας !

Dear Friend,   If you only earned $1 a day, how would you spend it?

That’s what women can hope to earn for a day’s work in the sewing center run by Orthodox Church  in Pakistan. Though it’s a meager sum, it allows the women to buy some vegetables for dinner for their families.

Pakistani women at the OMP Sewing Center listen to Presbytera Rosy Tanveer as she offers instruction.

The OMP sewing center was established in the city of Hafizabad in 2014 by Orthodox priest Fr. John Tanveer and his wife Presbytera Rosy, using a one year grant from the Orthodox Christian Mission Center in the US. Now, the sewing center needs support to continue to operate and, God willing, expand.

The center offers refuge and training for girls and women ages 14 and up. Poor women in Pakistan are incredibly vulnerable to sexual violence and kidnappings. “Poor girls—they cannot survive,” says Fr John. The sewing center accepts Christian and Muslim women alike and provides an opportunity to learn valuable skills and earn an income. Currently there are 26 women being trained at the center. In addition to learning how to sew, the girls and women are also taught life skills by Presbytera Rosy.

“The main thing is to give them training so that they can survive and stand on their own two feet. They have to be very courageous,” says Fr John.

With the generous support of donors, Fr John will be able to pay the salary of the sewing teacher and purchase fabric so that the girls and women can sew bed sheets, scarves and other items to sell.

Please consider donating to OMP this Advent season. Your gift will be a source of hope and encouragement as you help to provide a living for girls and women in need. For more information, click here to visit our website and to make a convenient online donation.

August 2015 update

Prayers for Pakistan
Pakistan suffered intense heat waves earlier this summer, with more than 1,000 fatalities as a result. Now it is the rainy season, and Fr John tells us he’s very concerned about flooding. They are working to build a road to the church (shown in the picture below), which would help prevent flooding. Some parts of the country have already experienced mudslides. Let us pray for temperate seasons for the people of Pakistan.

The current status of the road to the church.

The current status of the road to the church.

Very Good News!
Fr John notified us that a young Orthodox man who spent nearly three years in prison on blasphemy charges (accused of insulting Islam) was recently released! It is not uncommon for Christians to be accused of blasphemy, which is a charge punishable by death. Sadly Christians also suffer vigilante justice – being murdered by their accusers before they can stand trial. Needless to say, Fr John is overjoyed that this young man was released and thanks everyone for their prayers.

The Orthodox Mission in Pakistan needs your support!
In order to continue serving the people of Pakistan, OMP needs our prayers and our financial support. We hope that you will consider giving your time in prayer and your financial support to further the work of the Church for the people of Pakistan. Please visit our donation page and consider supporting OMP financially.

Donations to the Orthodox Church in Pakistan :

Orthodox Church in INDIA.

We need your help for Schools and Cliniks in India.


Today, Sister Nectaria, with the help of Mr. Raju Bharat (President of the PSOC) and Mr. Raphael Maity’s hard work and dedication, continues to administer a range of humanitarian services to Kolkata and the surrounding villages. Health, shelter, education, and the most urgent needs of the poor are all addressed by the PSOC. The PSOC carefully and lovingly tailors services to meet each individual need. With clinics, schools, and community centers throughout the 52 villages of West Bengal, Sister Nectaria works diligently to approach the most urgent and promising cases first.

At the PSOC, we measure success in individual growth and achievement. Sustainability is one of our core values, and all our projects employ local workers. Though the PSOC continues to rely on international aid for most of its services, we hope to reach a high level of sustainability, through development projects such as a local organic farm and solar energy, in the future. See the links :

Donations to the Orthodox Church in India:

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