Update : Why the Orthodox Church celebrates Pascha (Easter- April 12, 2015 ) on different day? Celebrate Orthodox Holy Week and Easter in Jerusalem, in the holy tomb of Jesus Christ.

Why the Orthodox Church celebrates Pascha (Easter) on different day? Did you notice that Orthodox Pascha doesn’t usually fall on the same day as everyone else’s? There’s a good reason for this. The Orthodox Christian Church calculates a bit differently than other Christian denominations. This isn’t done to confuse everyone. There are a few really good reasons why it may fall on a different date.

The Orthodox Churches around the world calculate the date of Pascha using the Julian Calendar. The reason is that some of the Orthodox Churches follows the Julian Calendar (p.e.Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Church of Russia, Holy Mountain Athos, Church of Serbia etc ) and to prevent the schisms all the Orthodox Churches calculate the date of Pascha with the Julian Calendar (and use also a different cycle for the calculation of full moon) so that to celebrate on the same day.

The 4 prerequisites for the calculation of the date of Pascha:

1. The Vernal Equinox (always on March 21st with the Julian Calendar/April 3rd with the Gregorian Calendar) (A’ Ecumenical Council)

2. First Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox (different cycle for calculating the full moon) (A’ Ecumenical Council)

3. Not before or with the Jewish Passover (7 Canon of the Apostolic Canons)

4 Always Sunday (A’ Ecumenical Council)

This year (2015) the Orthodox Pascha is on Sunday, April 12.


The Paschalion of the Orthodox Church is a set of rules for determining the date of Pascha that traditionally has been implemented by calendrical tables combining Metonic lunar cycles with the Julian solar year. The rules are attributed to the First Ecumenical Council (held at Nicea in 325); the cyclical Paschal tables that emerged in connection with the Council were based on 3rd and 4th century Alexandrian prototypes, and then transposed into Julian dates by Dionysius Exiguus in the 6th century.[1]


No, Pascha does not have to be after Passover (and other Orthodox urban legends) ( about No 3)


Christian Pascha after the Hebrew Passover is an «Orthodox Urban Legend»?


Cette année (2015) le Pascha orthodoxe est le dimanche 12 Avril.

In diesem Jahr (2015) die orthodoxe Pascha ist am Sonntag, 12. April.

Este año (2015) la Pascua ortodoxa es el domingo 12 de abril.

В этом году (2015) православные Пасху в воскресенье, 12 апрель.

В цьому році (2015) православні Великдень у неділю, 12 квітень.

În acest an (2015) Pascha ortodoxă este pe duminică doisprezece/4

Ове године (2015) православна Пасцха је у недељу, 12. април

Тази година (2015) Православната Пасха е на неделя, 12 април

ამ წლის (2015), მართლმადიდებლური აღდგომის არის კვირა, აპრილი 12

Këtë vit (2015) Pashkës ortodokse është më e diel, prill 12.

هذا العام (2015) والفصح الأرثوذكسي هو يوم الأحد 12 ابريل نيسان.

У гэтым годзе (2015) праваслаўныя Вялікдзень ў нядзелю, 12 красавік.

Tänä vuonna (2015) Ortodoksinen Pascha on sunnuntai, 12 huhtikuu.

Á þessu ári (2015) Rétttrúnaðar Pascha er á Sunnudagur, 12 apríl.

Este ano (2015) o Pascha Ortodoxa é no domingo, 12 de abril.

Ito taon (2015) ang Orthodox Pascha ay sa Linggo, Abril 12.

Dit jaar (2015) de orthodoxe Pascha is op zondag 12 april.

Quest’anno (2015) la Pasqua ortodossa è Domenica, 12 aprile.


올해 (2015) 정통 Pascha는 4월 12일 (일요일)에 있습니다.


ในปีนี้ (2015) ออร์โธดอกพัอยู่ในอาทิตย์ 12 เมษายน

Iki taun (2015) ing Pascha Ortodoks is on Sunday, April 12.

Ин сол (2015) дар православии Фасҳи рӯзи якшанбе, 12 April аст.

Mwaka huu (2015) Orthodox Pascha ni juu ya Jumapili Aprili 12.

Hierdie jaar (2015) het die Ortodokse Pasga is op Sondag 12 April.

Šogad (līdz 2015. gadam), pareizticīgo Pascha ir svētdiena, 12.aprīlī.

Энэ жил (2015) Үнэн алдартны Pascha ням оны дөрөвдүгээр сарын 12-нд болно.

Orthodox Holy Week and Easter ( Pascha )


Lazarus Saturday Sat, April 4, 2015
Palm Sunday April 5, 2015
Holy Week starts – fast all week Mon, April 6, 2015
Holy Thursday Thu, April 9, 2015
Holy Friday Fri, April 10, 2015
Holy Saturday Sat, April 11, 2015
Pascha – fast free week April 12, 2015



Celebrate Easter and Lent (49 days, until April 12, 2015) together with 400.000.000 Orthodox Christians worldwide.


Orthodox Holy Week and Easter in the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Celebrate Orthodox Easter in the Tomb of Jesus Christ with thousands Christians pilgrims.

( 5 April – 12 April 2014 )





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5 Responses to Update : Why the Orthodox Church celebrates Pascha (Easter- April 12, 2015 ) on different day? Celebrate Orthodox Holy Week and Easter in Jerusalem, in the holy tomb of Jesus Christ.

  1. Ο/Η Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick λέει:

    #3 is an incorrect reading of that canon. Lots more here: http://orthodoxwiki.org/Paschalion

  2. Ο/Η Gregory Walker Levitsky λέει:

    Please note! #3 is incorrect! Canon 7 does NOT say that Pascha must be after Passover, but only that it cannot be before the vernal equinox! More importantly, the Church forbids using Passover AT ALL in the calculation of Pascha – the Jewish calculation changed after the destruction of the Temple, and so we are *never* to base our Pascha around it!

    The reason that our Pascha falls on a different day is because, pointed out in #1, the «Vernal Equinox» is not the astronomical event, but a fixed date. Since all Orthodox Churches (except Finland) use the same Paschalion based on the Julian Calendar, our «fixed date» Equinox can put us on the other side of a full moon, meaning that Pascha can be up to a month later than Easter.

    Please do all you can to dispel the rumor that the Jewish Passover plays any role in the calculation of Pascha:

  3. Παράθεμα: Find Orthodox christian churches in Thailand and Cambodia. ค้นหาโบสถ์คริสต์ในประเทศไทยและประเทศกัมพูชา. | Ορθόδοξη Ιεραποστολή -Orthodox Mission -Miss

  4. Παράθεμα: Find Orthodox christian churches in Thailand and Cambodia. ค้นหาโบสถ์คริสต์ในประเทศไทยและประเทศกัมพูชา. រកឃើញគ្រិស្តអូស្សូដក់

  5. Παράθεμα: Find Orthodox christian churches in Thailand and Cambodia. ค้นหาโบสถ์คริสต์ในประเทศไทยและประเทศกัมพูชา. រកឃើញគ្រិស្តអូស្សូដក់


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