OCMC News – Help Continue to Build Up the Church in Northern Kenya

OCMC News - Help Continue to Build Up the Church in Northern Kenya

Join the OCMC Mission Team that will be serving in Northern Kenya from May 28th to June 12th and help build a school for the Turkana children of St. Peter in the remote village of Loupwala.

The deserts of northern Kenya, often seen as barren and desolate, are bringing forth life! Scores of the Turkana people that call this place home have accepted Christ and have been baptized into the Orthodox Faith. The message of the Gospel has been preached by a handful of Turkana priests who have been assisted by teams of Orthodox Christians from the United States. In the places they have witnessed, rivers that were once dry have begun to flow, hundreds have been baptized in these waters, and churches are being planted!

Of these mission team experiences, Mat. Suzanne Aleandro reflects, «“I have made five mission trips to Turkana. Each time I learn a little more, what it means to live in the present moment. How blessed to be with people who really understand Life”.

This year, another OCMC short-term mission team will work alongside our Turkana brethren of St. Peter Orthodox Church in the remote village of Loupwala to help build a school. This is a remarkable opportunity to answer your call to make disciples of all nations. Your efforts will not only see that children get access to education, but will also serve as a continued witness of Christ’s unfailing love.

Please prayerfully consider your participation in this team that will serve from May 28th to June 12th. For more information or to apply, visithttp://www.ocmc.org/about/view_team.aspx?TeamId=152, call the Teams Department at 1-877-463-6784 ext. 140, or e-mail us at teams@ocmc.org.





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