IOCC Building Schools in Uganda.


First, the International Orthodox Christian Charities, IOCC, is in the process of building a secondary school in Uganda.

Since its independence in 1961, Uganda has been crippled by civil wars and military coupes, which, along with the AIDS pandemic, have left nearly 2.7 million children orphaned and millions more with no education.

Near Lake Victoria, in the isolated town of Butembe, the one-room schoolhouse fills each morning with hundreds of children who sit shoulder to shoulder, without desks, chairs, or learning materials and with one teacher who instructs Kindergarten through 8th graders in two shifts. The Remote village offers no opportunity for further educational advancement.

This is where IOCC has stepped in, with the cooperation of the Holy Archdiocese of Kampala and All Uganda of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and with a generous contribution from the St. Nektarios Education Fund, to build a high school so children can continue learning.

The 240-student-capacity school will include four classrooms equipped with desks, chairs, essential teaching equipment, as well as bathrooms and a school office.

In addition to the new high school, IOCC is also committed to improving health and hygiene conditions for the area and will provide a reliable and sustainable clean water system near the school to ensure that students have access to clean and safe water. Lake Victoria, its main water source, is polluted with raw sewage, industrial waste dumping, and fertilizer and chemical waste runoff.

If you’d like to contribute or learn more about IOCC and its many initiatives, log on to

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