Annual Outreach Christmas Celebration – Orthodox Centre, Cape Town. Δράσεις από τις Ορθόδοξες Μητροπόλεις της Νοτίου Αφρικής.

On Monday 29 December, the annual Outreach Christmas celebration for children from Khayelitsha was held at the Orthodox Centre in Cape Town.

The event is organised annually by the welfare committee under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Sergios, Metropolitan of Good Hope. This year the function was held at the Orthodox Centre in Lansdowne, and  a total of fifty three children attended. One group from Khayelitsha, under the care of Father Joel, and another group of children from Gugulethu, under the supervision of Ntombi Magantse.

Christmas for children of Khayelitsha 29 Dec 2014 4

The group was served lunch and refreshments.  After lunch the children from the Nontsikelelo project performed African and contemporary dance and song led by the leader of the group, Ntombi Magantse and her drum. The day was enjoyed by all and before leaving each child received a parcel with toiletries and other gifts which were generously by members of the Greek Orthodox Community.

Christmas for children of Khayelitsha 29 Dec 2014 5 - Copy

The Welfare committee would like to thank all those who  generously donated items and money and also a big “thank-you” to those who arrived on the day to assist.


Two of the oldest members of our Mamelodi congregation, Christina Mothapo and Theophania Malahlela, have their birthdays near the beginning of the year. Christina turnd 89 on 1 January, and Theophania will be 73 on Theophany, 6 January. This year we were able to arrange for the Mamelodi congregation to attend the Divine Liturgy At St Nicholas Church in Brixton. We used to be able to do that fairly regularly, until our Toyota Venture was stolen in 2006, and now we can only arrange it about once a year or so.

St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Brixton, Johannesburg.

Christina Mothapo, Mary Nthite and Theophania Malahlela are sitting together, and they are the core of the Mamelodi congregation.

After the service there was a borthday cake in the hall

Christina’s godmother Ellie Mullimos  (101) had to give up driving, so she was not able to be in church on this day, but we had celebrated her 100th birthday a couple of years before.

Jan4cSome members of the younger generation were also present. Some of Christina’s great grandchildren were at the service, and Theophania’s daughter, grand daughter and two great grandchildren were also present.

Christian Mothapo on the left, Theophania Malahlela on the right, with grand daughter Hellen and great-grandchildren

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