«Support Orthodox Missions this Nativity Season!»

Support Orthodox Missions this Nativity Season!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

«The servant of God is baptized in the Name of the Father. Amen. And of the Son. Amen. And of the Holy Spirit. Amen.» How often have those words been prayed for the newly illumined around the world in the past 30 years? How many priests have been trained and blessed to pray them? How many churches have been built to hold them? This year the Orthodox Christian Mission Center celebrates 30 years of making disciples of all nations, and in that time, countless people have been baptized, hundreds of priests have been ordained, and dozens of churches have been built through your unwavering support. The light of Orthodoxy, however, still needs to be shared with millions. Please make a gift to the Mission Center this Nativity season to ensure that Orthodox missions continue to grow.


The Nativity of Christ set into motion a movement that would change the world. God became flesh in order that communion between God and all humankind might be restored. Through the establishment of His Church and the ministries of organizations like the OCMC, people are being presented the life-giving spring of salvation. From Mongolia to Albania, to Kenya, to Guatemala, and to Alaska, the OCMC has been continuing the work begun by the Apostles to share this salvation. As a supporter of the Mission Center in the past, you know that there is no work that is more important than this, and a year-end gift is needed so that the following needs can be fulfilled in 2015:

  • 25 missionaries and their families need care and support to be able to continue the ministries they coordinate that provide theological training, offer healthcare and counseling, minister to youth, and evangelize and educate a growing number of people about Orthodoxy.
  • Over 130 volunteers will need to be trained and sent on 15 short-term construction, youth ministry, teaching, outreach, and construction mission teams that will be serving in 7 countries.
  • 334 priests serving in mission countries need financial support and training to continue their ministries
  • Numerous projects aimed at increasing the reach and self-reliance of the Church abroad need to be administered.

Please consider a gift of $75, $100, or more to the OCMC this Christmas! Any donation will be an immeasurable blessing.

Thank you in advance for your sacrificial offering this Nativity season. We pray that you and your family will be blessed in the coming year, and we hope that you have a very merry Christmas!

In Christ,

Fr. Martin Ritsi
Executive Director

PS – Remember, your donations toward the vital mission ministries of the Church through the OCMC are all tax-deductible.



Orthodox Christian Mission Center




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