Rice for Siera Leone– the Building block of Life. Αγοράστε με 10$ ρύζι για την Ορθόδοξη ιεραποστολή στη Σιέρα Λεόνε.

Με 10 δολάρια ( περίπου 8 ευρώ ), αγοράζετε και προσφέρετε μια 10κιλη συσκευασία με ρύζι, ικανή να θρέψει για ένα μήνα μια οικογένεια στη Σιέρα Λεόνε, μέσω της Ορθόδοξης Εκκλησίας της Σιέρα Λεόνε και του πατρός Θεμιστοκλή Αδαμόπουλου.

Rev Themi has asked for Rice.

About a month or so ago, Fr Themi was asking if we could get him some rice to give out to the poor that have been afflicted by EBOLA. He explained that rice has risen some 200% in price and was scarce.


One of his supporters (Harry from Sydney) has sourced, through his contacts “Rice from Vietnam”costing $10 for a 10kg bag, landed and cleared into Freetown.

One bag of 10 kg could help feed a family for up to one month!

10kg Rice ContainerParadise 4 Kids has ordered 5 x 20ft Containers, that’s approximately 100,000 kilos of rice (10,000 blocks), delivered and cleared into Freetown at a cost of $50,000 USD.

Half of each container will be given to the President for EBOLA stricken Districts under quarantine and the other half used in Fr Themis mission to the poor.

As we in the Western World, approach Christmas and enter into the New Year, Fr Themi asks us to think of the poor and consider buying a bag or two (or more) of rice.

Below is a Paypal drop list where you can buy 1 or up to 200 bags of rice. This Christmas, help Fr Themi help the Poor who are plagued not just poverty but EBOLA as well.


Choose between 1 Bag up to 200 Bags of rice safe and secure with Paypal using you Credit Card. Please note currency is US Dollars and NOT Tax Deductible
775 bags funded so far(24/11/2014)
Target 10,000 Bags
Blended Super Kernal Basmati Rice
Rice – the Building block of Life
1 x 10k Rice bags $10.00 USD
2 x 10k Rice $20.00 USD
5 x 10k Rice $50.00 USD
10 x 10k Rice $100.00 USD
20 x 10k Rice $200.00 USD
30 x 10k Rice $300.00 USD
40 x 10k Rice $400.00 USD
50 x 10k Rice $500.00 USD
100 x 10k Rice $1,000.00 USD
200 x 10k Rice $2,000.00 USD


—————James 2:14 —————
Can you spare $10 for a bag of rice ?
My friends, what good is it for you to «LIKE on fb» and say that you have faith, if your actions do not prove it? Can that faith save you?

Suppose there are brothers or sisters who need clothes and don’t have enough to eat. What good is there in your saying to them, “God bless you! Keep warm and eat well!”—if you don’t give them the necessities of life? So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead.

Friends can you spare $10 for a bag of rice?
So far we have 775 bags paid for out of 10,000- Please help Fr Themi Adamopoulo help the poor in his corner of the world.
P4K Australia & USA.


MELBOURNE – St Basil’s Church, Brunswick, is holding a Charity Fete ‘BAZAAR AGAINST EBOLA

St Basil’s Church, Brunswick,
is holding a Charity Fete ‘BAZAAR AGAINST EBOLA’ on 29 & 30 November, 11am – 3pm in aid of
Fr Themi’s mission and the Sierra Leone Ebola crisis. We are looking for donations of any good quality items to sell at the Bazaar.


We welcome your donations of:

• Clothing(must be in good, clean condition; must be pressed and folded; bags of jumbled clothes will not be accepted)
• Ornaments/ Bric-à-brac
• Crockery
• Books
• Toys
• Jewelley
• Anything of good quality!

Drop off:
Donations can be dropped off at the St Basil’s Church Hall (upstairs, via rear entrance), 15 Staley St, Brunswick, on Wed 26 Nov & Thurs 27 Nov from 2pm to 8pm.

If you would like to volunteer to help out at the Bazaar, please contact Cathy (details below). Even if you could spare one or two hours of your time, that would be great!


If you have any questions, or would like to make alternative arrangements for dropping off any donated items, please call Cathy on 0413 378 140.


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3 Responses to Rice for Siera Leone– the Building block of Life. Αγοράστε με 10$ ρύζι για την Ορθόδοξη ιεραποστολή στη Σιέρα Λεόνε.

  1. Ο/Η marianna λέει:

    γεια σας,υπαρχει καποιος λογαριασμος τραπεζης να καταθεσουμε,επειδη δεν εχω paypal και καρτα? μπορω απλα να κανω μια δωρεα σε ενα λογαριασμο και να παει στον π.Θεμιστοκλη για αυτο το λογο? ευχαριστω

  2. Ο/Η ierapostoli λέει:

    Μπορείτε να το καταθέσετε σε τραπεζικό λογαριασμό οποιοδήποτε ιεραποστολικού συλλόγου και να ενημερώσετε τηλεφωνικά ή με εμαιλ ότι θέλετε να αποσταλούν τα χρήματα στη Σιέρα Λεόνε.



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