OCMC Welcomes His Grace Bishop David of Sitka and Alaska. Orthodox missionaries come to Alaska ! Ορθόδοξοι ιεραπόστολοι ελάτε στην Αλάσκα !

The Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) was honored by a visit from His Grace Bishop David of Sitka and Alaska during the week of October 27-31. The staff had an entire day with His Grace where they were given the opportunity to hear about the rich history of the Orthodox Church in Alaska, the people that call it home, and the wonderful opportunities for ministry and fellowship that exist in the land where the seeds of Orthodoxy were first planted on the North American continent.

OCMC News - OCMC Welcomes His Grace Bishop David of Sitka and Alaska

For Orthodox Christians, Alaska is truly a North American Holy Land. It has brought forth numerous saints who through their deep faith bore witness to many miracles. It is the destination for countless Orthodox pilgrims who travel from around the world to be renewed in their faith by the natural beauty of God’s creation and Alaska’s rich Orthodox Christian heritage – a heritage that has been preserved by its native peoples since the late 1700’s. These people, however, are facing some significant challenges.

While visiting the Mission Center, His Grace invited more short-term mission teams and long-term missionaries to serve in Alaska. The need for counseling on a variety of issues, clergy training, youth catechism, communications, and construction is great.

To learn about OCMC Mission Teams serving in Alaska in 2015 visithttp://www.ocmc.org/about/open_teams.aspx.

To inquire about long-term missionary service visit http://www.ocmc.org/about/missionaries.aspx.

His Grace’s visit concluded with the commissioning of two mission teams preparing for deployment to Kenya and Uganda. Like the staff, team members were honored to have had the opportunity to pray with His Grace.

On the evening of October 29th, His Grace also shared some of the many miracles that continue to happen in Alaska with staff members at a dinner that was hosted by OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi and Teams Associate Director Pres. Renee Ritsi.

Please keep our Alaskan brothers and sisters in your prayers, and consider serving there as part of a short-term mission team or as a long-term missionary.


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