Jordan Zanetis 2014 Orthodox Mission to Kenya ( Blog ). Νέα από το μπλογκ ορθόδοξου ιεραποστόλου στη Κένυα από την Αμερική.

Ever wanted to know what serving as part of an OCMC mission team was like? Check out this blog being kept by 2014 Kenya Team Member, Jordan Zanetis. It is updated as the team has access to the internet.

Jordan Zanetis 2014 Mission to Kenya

Day 4: Finally in Nairobi

After two days of Orientation at the OCMC Mission Center in St. Augustine Florid and nearly a day of flying I am now with the team in Nairobi at the Makarios III Seminary and their associated schools.  We have spent time discussing our lesson plans and meeting the excellent faculty and staff here.  We were also able to have a couple meals with His Eminence Metropolitan Makarios and discuss their operations here.  I will be spending the weekend with him exploring some of the area around Nairobi and visiting some of the slums.  At this point I have not been able to upload any of my photos but they will be up soon.  Thank you all for your prayers!

Day 1: Packing Day

Tomorrow I begin the 10,000 mile journey to Nairobi Kenya for a 2 week long mission trip with the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC).  Tomorrow I will fly into Jacksonville, Florida at 3 PM and will spend approximately 1.5 days in orientation at the OCMC Mission Center.

The past few months I have been raising monetary support and asking people to pray for the well being of myself and the other missionaries on the trip.  The past few days I have been gathering supplies and packing my gear.  Some of the supplies are my own clothes and supplies I will need and some are donations to give the Kenyans, particularly for the people at the Sts. Constantine and Helen Orthodox Church in Loitokitok Kenya near Mt. Kilimanjaro where I will be going for one to two days to visit.  Yesterday while organizing in preparation for the trip I found a small laptop computer that I thought I lost after I graduated from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary nearly a year and a half ago.




In addition to the computer I am bringing along a few hundred nice paper Icons from St. Tikhon’s Theological Seminary in South Canaan, PA; shirts and clothing;  incense;  Holy Oil from the holy relics of St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco; feminine hygiene products;  and lots of the Snickers bars that they had on sale at the Giant grocery store for trick-o-treaters.  All in all, I think I have enough.

Several people have been asking me if I am concerned about the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa.  Thankfully, Kenya is 3,000 miles from Western Africa.  I feel very secure.  The CDC or Kenyan agencies for disease have not issued any traveler alerts and they are cracking down on incoming flights from Western Africa at the Nairobi airport.  I have had my shots for Malaria, Typhoid fever, Cholera, Hepatitis, the flu shot, and everything else.  I feel pretty good.  Glory to God for all things!


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