Orthodox Mission of Madagascar: Container Shipment from Orthodox Church in Australia, October 2014

Orthodox Mission of Madagascar
Container Shipment October 2014

«Stuffing a 40′ container with donated goods: clothes for all ages, shoes including 1200 pairs of rubber thongs/sandals, (school) desks, cabinets, toys, industrial weighing scale, egg incubators, door and window hardware, miscellaneous other items. The container leaves from Adelaide, Australia at the weekend for Madagascar.

Separate shipment of two 40′ containers of ceramic floor tiles is leaving from China directly for Madagascar, all for the Orphanage under construction.

Thanks to all (individuals, families and companies) in Australia who donated their time and money to make this possible. «

In support of the Archdiocese of Madagascar –

 Committee for Foreign Mission in Madagascar,

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia





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