10 Volunteers Needed for Short-term Orthodox Missions in 2014! 10 εθελοντές από Αμερική για Αλβανία, Τανζανία, Ουγκάντα για το φθινόπωρο 2014.

From Guatemala to Moldova to Kenya, Orthodox Christians from the United States have taught the faith, built churches, and led youth camps in 2014. There is, however, still much work to be done! Teams to Albania, Tanzania, and Uganda will be departing in September and October and the Mission Center is seeking the 10 volunteers needed to make these teams possible. Are you one of these 10 people? Do you feel called to share your Faith abroad? If so, volunteer now. Without you, the following might not happen:

The team to Albania, serving from September 17th to the 29th, will lead spiritual retreats for clergy wives, women lay leaders and women’s groups. Orthodox women are strongly urged to apply for this team aimed at empowering and facilitating the spiritual growth of women in the Church.

In Tanzania, a team of Orthodox Christians is needed to provide theological training to clergy in the Metropolis of Mwanza from October 27th to November 8th. Priests, seminarians, theologians, and those knowledgeable of the Faith are ask to apply. What this team offers will be taken by the Tanzanian priests to thousands of newly illumined Orthodox Christians in Tanzania.

Also departing on October 27th will be a team bound for Uganda. This team will continue the work begun last year with the blessings of His Eminence Jonah aimed at helping the Church in Uganda to be more self-reliant. This year’s team will teach Christian stewardship workshops in various communities across the country.

These teams are vital! The impact that they can have on the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ is beyond measure. Please prayerfully consider joining one of these teams. Be one of the 10 people still needed to offer a living witness to the Orthodox Faith in 2014!

For more information or to volunteer please visithttp://www.ocmc.org/about/open_teams.aspx, or contact the Mission Center’s Teams Department by e-mail atteams@ocmc.org or by phone at 1-877-463-6784.

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