Please Remember Missions this Sunday, March 2nd!

This coming Sunday, March 2nd, 2014, is Mission Sunday for all Canonical Orthodox Churches in North and Central America. Please join the staff, board, and missionaries of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) in praying for the tireless efforts of those who leave their homes to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth and hope of the Orthodox faith with the over one billion people who have yet to receive it.

Please also prayerfully consider your role in this vital ministry of the Church. Pray, Give, Go – Make disciples of all nations!!!

Lesson plans for Church School classes, highlighting Orthodox Christian missions, are now available from the Orthodox Christian Missions Center here in conjunction with its annual “Orthodox Mission Sunday” on March 2, 2014.

Age appropriate plans for pre-kindergarten through high school are available, as are plans for adult study groups.  Similar lesson plans for previous years—2009 through 2013—also may be found on OCMC’s site.

This year’s lessons explore the importance of missionary efforts “in such places as Guatemala, where thousands of people are coming into the Body of Christ as a direct result of missions,” according to OCMC’s web site at  “We invite you and your parish to pray for and learn more about the Church’s unceasing efforts to share the light of Orthodoxy with the world.”

Also available free of charge are mission coin boxes—especially popular during the season of Great Lent—which students and parishioners in general may distribute and fill as part of their almsgiving efforts.

To order coin boxes and to download lesson plans, please

The mission of OCMC—the official missions agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America—is to make disciples of all nations by bringing people to Christ and His Church.

Open Mission Teams

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