Archbishopric of Good Hope ( South Africa ) : Orthodox Centre

The Archbishopric of Good Hope has acquired a new property that has been opened as an Orthodox Centre for all Orthodox groups. The purchase and renovation of the property was made possible by the donations of generous benefactors which were made for the specific purpose of creating a multi-cultural Orthodox Centre for religious enlightenment.

Orthodox Center in South Africa, 2014

The Centre includes a large meeting area which is named after the late Archbishop Paul Varnavas, and is suitable for hosting functions and conferences. It will also be used by various Orthodox groups for cultural and educational programmes.

It is hoped that the Centre will offer Orthodox educational programmes, which will be complemented by the establishment of an Orthodox library, with reference facilities that can cater for various language groups and also house a collection of books of historical interest.

This new Centre is the first of its kind in our Archbishopric and we hope that it will be well used as a centre of Christian formation that can help to build up the local Church.

The Orthodox Centre is situated at:
73 Lyndon Cresent,
Pinati Estate
Travelling on the M5 in the Muizenberg direction, take the M24 Racecourse Road off ramp. Turn left into Turfhall Road, travel over the bridge and continue straight. Turn right at into Jan Smuts Drive (M17) at the robots. Take the first left into Blomvlei Road and the first right into Lyndon Cresent.

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