Help the growing ministries in Guatemala through the 2014 Lesson Plan & Coin Box Program!

As you read this, the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of thousands in northern Guatemala and southern Mexico and drawing them into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the Orthodox Church. OCMC, in service to His Eminence Metropolitan Athenagoras in Mexico City, is working to develop a new seminary in the village of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, to train up and prepare local clergy that will shepherd this flock.

Orthodox Guatemala, 2014

Two long-term missionary families, Fr. John and Presbytera Sandy Chakos, as well as Fr. David and Matushka Rozanne Rucker, are already on the ground and will soon be followed by a third family, Fr. Peter and Matushka Styliana Jackson. Together they will help form the curriculum that will serve the local young men who are answering the call to serve as priests in this region. A short-term mission team, just this past summer, traveled to Huehuetenango and began construction on the seminary buildings and housing for these seminarians.

Your parish and Sunday School program have an opportunity to assist this growing ministry in Guatemala by participating in the 2014 Coin Box and Lesson Plan Program. 2014 Missions Lesson Plans, ready for distribution in mid-February, will focus on these ministries, and all monies raised through this year’s Coin Box Program will benefit the training, preparation, and deployment of the missionaries that will serve the Church in Guatemala. Many parishes plan to utilize the Lesson Plans on Mission Sunday, March 2, 2014, and then collect monies in the coin boxes throughout the Lenten season.

If your parish is not currently part of this annual program, please consider joining it in 2014! You do not have to wait…to reserve your lesson plans and coin boxes now, please contact Phyllis Skinner at 904-829-5132, ext. 164 or at

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