From September 23rd until October 7th, OCMC (Orthodox Christian Mission Center) is sending a Teaching Team to Uganda

Join an Orthodox Christian mission team  ( USA )

Share the Gospel to Uganda and all Nations

Orthodox Christian Mission Center

From September 23rd until October 7th, OCMC is sending a Teaching Team to Uganda.

This team will offer workshops on Christian Stewardship to both clergy and laity in four regions of Uganda. OCMC is seeking team members who will be strong advocates for stewardship to teach on this team in Uganda.

This includes offering presentations on topics that introduce stewardship, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance to the faithful there. People with skills in teaching development, fundraising, and self-sustainabilty concepts are encouraged to apply to this OCMC Teaching Team.

If you feel called to serve on this team, please contact To find out more about the team, visit

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