Medical Shipment Strengthens Zimbabwe’s Ailing Families !

Surviving the first five years of life is a struggle for Zimbabwe’s children because of a lack of medicine to treat life-threatening infections and water-borne diseases. These toddler patients at St. Nectarios Orthodox Clinic are thriving thanks to your ongoing support of IOCC’s program to provide the pharmaceuticals and medical supplies needed to save young lives. (Photo credit: Godlove Ntaw/IOCC)

As the number of hospitals and doctors in Zimbabwe continues to decline, St. Nectarios Orthodox Clinic in the capital city of Harare remains as one of the few medical support lifelines for the country’s most impoverished families. Intestinal and respiratory tract infections along pregnancy complications are constant health threats in Zimbabwe, especially in remote parts of the country with little access to healthcare. As a result, UNICEF reports that nearly 100 children die every day from preventable diseases, and at least eight women a day don’t survive childbirth.

The lack of healthcare makes life very hard in Zimbabwe, especially for disabled children who cannot stand or walk on their own. Many are hidden away at home because the family cannot afford to buy a wheelchair. Through a generous donation from the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, IOCC in cooperation with the Zimbabwe Orthodox Church and medical partners, Medical Teams International (MTI) and Wheels for Humanity (WFH), delivered 185 wheelchairs and two large medical kits to St. Nectarios Clinic filled with enough lifesaving medicine to treat 20,000 ailing children and adults for intestinal and respiratory infections, malaria, cholera and pneumonia.

The medical care package also contained multivitamins vital for protecting expectant mothers from prenatal complications and for shielding children against vitamin deficiency conditions such as blindness and life-threatening intestinal infections.

Since 2006, IOCC has helped keep Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable people healthy and mobile with shipments of medical supplies, surgical instruments, medical equipment and critically-needed medicines, as well as wheelchairs, walkers and crutches.

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