2011 OCMC Orthodox Mission Teams Now Available! ( Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Korea, Guatemala, Madagascar, Romania, Albania, Alaska )

2011 OCMC Orthodox Mission Teams Now Available! Alex Goodwin

St. Augustine, FL – In 2010, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) sent 119 people…

…  on short-term mission teams around the world to offer a living witness to the Orthodox Christian faith through loving service and fellowship. Orthodox Mission Team opportunities are now available for 2011, and by the prayers of the Faithful in North America, OCMC hopes that even more people will answer the call to share in a journey of faith by spending one to three weeks abroad teaching the faith, providing healthcare, participating in outreach, ministering to youth, or helping to build and maintain churches.

OCMC is coordinating 13 Mission Teams that will serve in 9 countries, including a Team for families with children (8 years or older), in 2011. These Teams include the following (please note that Team fees do not include airfare):

Kenya – Teaching ($1,540, de parts on 3/19/2011) Share the Faith in Lodwar with the first converts to Orthodoxy in northern Kenya, where the people are considered one of the least evangelized groups in the world.

Albania – Mission Institute Teaching Team (cost to be announced, only open to seminary students, departs on 5/23/2011) Earn credit hours while you are immersed in the daily renewal of faith in Albania, witness the resurrection of the Orthodox Church, and study missiology.

Uganda – Healthcare ($1,675, departs on 6/11/2011) Offer health services to children and adults who have limited access to medical care in western Uganda.

Guatemala – Youth Work ($840, departs on 7/6/2011) Offer a youth camp program in Guatemala City and assist in the daily activities of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage.

Romania – Youth Work ($1,585, departs on 7/7/2011) Be part of evangelizing and teaching young people in Romania about the Faith by participating in a youth camp outside the city of Cluj.

Albania –Youth Work Team open to families ($1,370, departs on 7/17/2011) Families with children are invited to join Church leaders in Albania and their families and participate in a camp-style program.

Alaska – Construction ($1,095, departs on 7/22/2011) Assist the local community in Bethel and help complete the Saint Sophia Orthodox Church.

South Korea – Youth Work ($1,700, departs on 7/23/2011) Teach English at youth camps in Pusan and Chuncheon.

Tanzania – Teaching ($1,475, departs on 7/25/2011) Participate in the annual seminar for church leaders and young adults by offering basic catechism and encouragement to the Faithful.

Alaska – Youth Work ($960, departs on 7/29/2011) Travel to Kodiak Island and participate in a youth camp program in Old Harbor.

Madagascar – Teaching ($1,475, departs on 8/1/2011) Offer catechism to people from isolated villages where Orthodoxy is spreading despite many obstacles.

Alaska – Outreach ($960, departs on 8/11/2011) Help with renovations and work on general maintenance for the community of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church in Hoonah, just miles from Juneau.

Tanzania – Healthcare ($1,475, departs on 10/4/2011) Minister to the medical and spiritual needs of children and adults who have limited access to health care services.

Please prayerfully consider serving on an OCMC Orthodox Mission Team in 2011. They each provide unique ways to not only serve others but also come to a deeper understanding of the faith and to a closer relationship with Christ. Be open to having your own life transformed by helping to transform the lives of others.

Please contact Andrew Lekos or Pres. Renee Ritsi by phone at 1-877-GO-FO RTH (463-6784) or by e-mail at teams@ocmc.org for more information. Visit http://teams.ocmc.org for additional details about, or to apply for, 2011 OCMC Orthodox Mission Teams.


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