[OCMC] Give the Gift of the Gospel this Nativity Season – Give an OCMC Gift Card!‏

This Nativity Season, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) is offering a wonderful way for you to honor someone you love while also supporting the training and care of long-term Missionaries through OCMC Gift Cards. Consider honoring Godparents, priests, Sunday School teachers, family, and friends by assisting Orthodox Missionaries who are sharing the light of Christ with others around the world. Give these loved ones an OCMC Gift Card as a Christmas gift!

There are currently more more than 20 Orthodox Christians from across America who are in the process of becoming new Orthodox Missionaries. As these families and individuals prepare to serve alongside Hierarchs and mission priests in countries where many long for Christ’s live-giving message, they need to be trained and equipped so that they can prayerfully apply their gifts and talents to work in the Lord’s harvest field. These Missionaries will offer a living witness to the faith by training future Church leaders, ministering to children, providing healthcare, and helping the church to welcome others into the Body of Christ.

Matushka Maria Kotar, Administrator of the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy in San Francisco, has purchased these in the past for use by her students. She shared that she sees these cards as a “beautiful opportunity to share the Church and missions with the families of the children attending the Academy.”

Gift cards can be purchased in $10, $25, and $50 amounts. The cards will be sent to you so that you can present them to your loved ones directly. The cards feature a beatiful icon of the Great Commission and a Nativity greeting (the gift card amount is not displayed). For more information about OCMC Gift Cards, or to place your order, visit www.ocmc.org , call 877-GO-FORTH , or email phyllis@ocmc.org. Place your order by December 10th to guarantee delivery before Christmas!

(  http://www.ocmc.org/resources/view_article.aspx?ArticleId=200 )

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